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farms/cheese/maple in VT,NH around I89 for roadtrip Boston to VT

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Hi all,
Some friends and I will be taking a road trip from Boston to Montreal and we're looking for recommendations on quintessential New England-y artisanal farms to stop at along the I89 corridor. I'd especially love to purchase some good cheese and maple products. Any suggestions for inexpensive and local produce featuring restaurants along the way would also be appreciated!

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  1. You can download a map of artisanal cheesemakers in Vermont at http://www.vtcheese.com/vtcheese/char...

    1. These 2 farms sell everything from maple syrup to meats, cheeses and veggies...

      Killdeer Farm, Norwich, Rte. 5 South

      Sugarbush Farm, Woodstock VT, Exit 1 off 89 to Rte.4 W

      Here's a link to a list of all VT's farms:

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        Second that vtcheese.com website....figure out your plan of attack and call ahead to get times.

      2. Boucher Farms in Highgate Center, just off I-89 south of the Quebec border, is a nice, small family operation that does about 10,000 pounds per year of mostly bleu varieties. Last summer I bought a six month supply of Gore -Dawn -Zola that lasted about 6 weeks. Delicious with a hard, salty aged rind, similar to some stiltons. I arrived unannounced and they took time to give a great tour and answered a lot of questions.
        They are using the dung from their 120 cows to generate hot water and electricity- it's a neat operation and very much worth a visit.

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        2. I hesitate to mention it since they're not artisanal but Cabot has a store/outlet/tasting room at the Quechee Gorge on Route 4 five minutes west of I-89 Exit 1. I point it out more for the ease of access.

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            "Artisanal" does not necessarily denote higher quality. I've tasted some artisanal cheeses with real quality control issues.

            Cabot may not be "artisanally" small, but it is 100% owned by the dairy farmers who supply the milk that makes Cabot cheese. And Cabot makes a wide variety of cheeses that are of a very high quality. I'm glad you mentioned them within the contexts of this thread.

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              Must be -some- reason Cabot keeps winning international cheese awards. :) I love Cabot cheese, and I love their factory, and the outlet store in Waterbury/Stowe is FUN. :) Yay free samples!

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              I love the outlet at Quechee Gorge. They have loads of samples. Some great cheeses there that you can't always find in the supermarkets. And they make a thing called Cheddar Shake that is great on popcorn...never found that in the markets where I live either.

              Further north is their factory. Nice tour. They were making pepperjack when I was there....did not enjoy that smell.

              While in the area, stop at Ben and Jerry's too for their tour and a sample.

            3. I don't think they use local produce but In a Pinch Cafe in Concord NH serves great sandwiches, salads and homemade soups. They have two locations. Hours are early so it's a breakfast and lunch place only. See their website for directions. Both locations aren't far from Rt 89. The other place in Concord NH for excellent breads and pastries is Bread and Chocolate. They have pre-made sandwiches on their own bread during the week, might not have on weekends. South Main St next to Gibson's bookstore and across the street from a food coop which would have organic produce, some local, and some to go food. The food coop has a few tables and a food bar but check to see when the hot food is available. Not inexpensive though. Litchfield NH farms have advertised their own asparagus and rhubarb. It would be a few miles out of your way - Brown Ave exit off Rt 101 (same exit as Manchester airport).

              1. Here is a link for wineries and breweries in VT. It has a map as well.


                1. Here is a link for maple shacks in NH, sorted by county.


                  1. thanks everyone - this is soooo helpful!!

                    1. It was already mentioned, but Sugarbush Farm in Woodstock is a very nice little farm. It's definitely not gourmet in feel, but it does have tasty cheese and maple syrup. Definitely try the cheese spread. I know people who cannot keep it in the house anymore b/c it's so good. A definite guilty pleasure.


                      1. If you have the time to explore (it's not too far off the beaten path, I promise), take Exit 5 off of I89 in New Hampshire. That will put you on Route 202/9 West. Follow 202/9 for a few miles until you see an exit on your right for the town of Henniker. Take a left off of that ramp and you're on Route 114. Follow 114 into the heart of the small college town (bear left at your first fork, just follow 114 signs) and you'll find Intervale, a pancake house and on site maple syrup producer. They're located at the base of Pat's Peak, a small local ski area, and the food is fantastic. This time of year you can watch the maple syrup production while you dine on homemade pancakes. The decor is distinctly New England and while waiting for a table you can peek at antique maple sugaring tools. It's a neat stop and one of my favorites in that area. Safe travels!

                        Interval Farms Pancake House
                        43 Flanders Rd, Henniker, NH

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                          If you had written this post a month ago, I'd believe that you can "watch the maple syrup production while you dine on homemade pancakes." But I'm afraid sugaring is done for the year, and while the pancakes and syrup will still taste great, the actual sugaring process is long since concluded.

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                            Yes, sugaring is over...we've moved on to the "black fly" season, soon to be followed by the "mosquito" season...

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                              Not a farm and not inexpensive, Woodstock Farmer's Market, not even a farmer's market, is actually a store. That's what it isn't. What is it, is a fantastic small store that sell local cheeses, meats, produce, breads and a huge selection of local condiments. It's on Route 4, just outside Woodstock center. Closed Mondays.

                        2. Check out the Woodstock Water Buffalo Company. Their Buffalo Mozzarella is amazing, and they also make great yogurt.