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May 11, 2008 07:05 PM

Hottest Curry in DC

I've had vindaloos from a range of Indian restaurants in the DC area but am yet to find a really, really spicy one (the kind that opens all of your pores and has you desperately searching for milk).

By way of background, I'm from the north of England, so practically grew up on curry. That said, even 10 pints of lager couldnt quell the burning sensation from curries at my local establishments.

Which DC/VA restaurants serve the hottest curries? Anyone spied a phal?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It might be a hike for you to go to Lorton, but there is a place called My Karma Indian Bistro that does Vindaloo (and everything else) very well, and they listen to your heat requests.

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        Do you have ideas that are specifically metro accessible? I don't drive...and I, too, find that most Indian places I've visited are hesitant to make the curry really spicy. I'm not just interested in Indian, either. I love the spicy side of all cuisines. Thanks.

      2. While I didn't find My Karma particularly spicy, the service was excellent. Best Indian I've had? No, but it was very good.

        If you're looking for spicy curry that can be of the Thai variety, the spiciest I've ever had in DC, by far, is Suicide Curry at Spiced in Cleveland Park. I can't get beyond more than 4 or 5 bites. My boyfriend ate the whole bowl, but was sweating.

        I highly recommend it.

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          THANKS! I've been to Spices and I think it's fine for a casual place, but I happen to have missed the suicide curry. I'll definitely check it out! Great lead!

          1. re: dcandohio

            I usually order the suicide curry, but I haven´t had luck with the level of spice. I usually got there bracing myself for the spiciness and I´m usually underwhelmed. You may ask why i continue to order it and regardless of level of heat, the curry is quite delicious

            1. re: cleveland park

              You must have an iron mouth because good god it's spicy. My BF can handle a LOT of spice, and while he loved he, it was sweating.

              I envy you! Maybe ;)

        2. I haven't been to Spices, but Aroma, at least the one in Shirlington does very spicy if you ask, I think they key is that you really have to ask and convey it is what you want. There is one at Farragut West, but I haven't been so I don't know if it is as good as their second location.

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            Thanks, ktmoomau. I went to Aroma in Shirlington last night for their chicken vindaloo; it was very tasty and somewhat spicy. To be fair, I didnt ask them to dial up the heat, but will do next time. My local is Sangham in Arlington; despite repeated asks for extra heat, the vindaloo always turns out to be pretty mild.

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              Not a recent rec, by any means, but I was once served a vindaloo at the Aroma in Foggy Bottom that was impossible to eat. I doubt that they normally serve it that way, but the manager is exceedingly friendly and my guess is that he will accomodate you.

            2. If you tell the people at Bombay Curry Company, just across the river in Alexandria, to make it very hot, you will get it hot. That's what I did after a few wimpy Vindaloos around town. I could barely eat it. They have a chicken dish on the menu which is hot but with a lot of flavor. Sorry blanked out on the name.
              Anyway another option.

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                I went to BBC just two weeks ago seeking out a hot Vindaloo and was very disappointed. It was too "vinegary" and just generally not tasty.