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May 11, 2008 06:58 PM

Need good chow in Tinley Park

Hey, fellow 'hounds. I'll be in Tinley Park later this week, staying at the Wingate at 183rd and Harlem, and I'm in need of a good dinner option for Thursday night. But here's the catch: I won't have a car, so walking distance from the hotel is a must. The hotel's Web site recommends Tin Fish, which has gotten some good reviews on this site in the past -- but the most recent that I could find is more than a year old. (And Phil Vettel's most recent review is from 2003.) And of course, the restaurant's Web site is "under construction," so I can't check out the menu. Is it still a good bet? What kind of seafood can I expect? Or is there a better bet at a similar distance from the Wingate?

Thanks, all.

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  1. Since you do not have a car, TinFish is BY FAR the best choice you will have...unless you're interested in places like Burger King and Taco Bell!

    Having said this, I've been to TinFish a few times in the past year and have had consistently good meals. While fish is their specialty, IMO the best value on the menu is the parmesan-crusted chicken breast. I'd also add that they offer half-price appetizers from (I believe) 4-6PM, and their wine list is VERY fairly priced.

    1. Go west on 183rd to 80th Ave. There you will find Gatto's. Great Italian food at surprisingly low prices. Chalkboard menu and friendly staff. See if Patrick is behind the bar. Fabulous chicken dishes and veal. Great pasta selection. Just like a joint on Taylor Street without the hassle of parking or getting ripped off for Valet.