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May 11, 2008 05:21 PM

Please help with Sunday lunch in PV for 14

After doing much research online, I'm still really stuck with my Sunday afternoon predicament. Here's the situation: 50th birthday get-together for 14 adults who have rented a villa in Conchas Chinas. We all arrive this Saturday from points around the globe and will spend our first evening in the villa as it is fully staffed and we just want to sit down, talk, eat and drink and get over some jet lag.

The next day, Sunday, is the staff day off and we'd love to go for a late brunch or long lunch somewhere where we can stay a long time, make some noise, eat some good spanish or mexican food and unwrap birthday prezzies, etc. Beachside would be good but not necessary. Keen to get off the tourist track a bit but not essential if the atmosphere is right. Would love to have tried Esquina do los Caprichos, as quietly recommended by some residents, but they're not open Sundays apparently.

Should we taxi to Bucerias? Should we hit La Palapa? Only other requirement is that smoking must be allowed. I would really really appreciate any suggestions you might have and will happily research places on line once suggestions are made. Thanks chowhounders.

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  1. I used to live in P.V. The BEST brunch in town is a the Nikki Beach Club. Set price with a huge upscale buffet and all the sparkling wine you want or Mimosa's. It is in one of the hotels in the Marina. Esquina los Caprichos is one of my favorite places, just not for a large group. It probably hold only about 14 people and the kitchen isnt set up or prepared for that large a group. By the way Nikki Beach setting is breathtaking and very chic. I highly reccommend it.