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May 11, 2008 05:00 PM

Insane cook needs lamb help

I went nuts at the farmer's market this morning, buying asparagus, red potatoes, morels and strawberries, among other things. That meant that I had to cook.

So I picked up a 5 lb. boneless leg of lamb, marinated it for a few hours in olive oil, crushed garlic and lemon, roasted for 30 min. at 450 F, then reduced heat to 375 F until internal temp came out 120, then let it rest. It came out perfect -- gorgeous crust, slightly brown on the outside down to a nice rare in the center. Tossed the potatoes with a little butter and sea salt, sauteed the morels in butter, and steamed the asparagus, then tossed it with a bit of olive oil. It was a delicious meal.

Now for the truly insane part. I'm a single guy who lives alone with a cat that will only eat Purina Pro Plan Ocean Whitefish and Salmon entree. No people food. And I have the remainder of a 5 lb. leg of lamb.

So tomorrow I heat some up and eat it for dinner again. Maybe even Tuesday. But it will take me a minimum of four more meals to eat the rest of this thing.

Any ideas for easy (I'm a kitchen moron with a ragtag collection of implements) recipes that call for already cooked lamb as a principle ingredient? Can I freeze some of it? Should I find some homeless people and invite them to dinner? If it helps I also bought radishes and garlic chives at the market.
Help me. Please.

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  1. Cold it's good in salads or sandwiches. I especially like to stuff pitas with lamb, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh mint leaves and pitted black olives and a little feta or chevre if I have them.

    For another idea, see here and also check the other posts in that thread.

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      Oh, that's excellent. Question: among my purchases was a pint of assorted mushrooms, including oyster and shitake. Would those work for this recipe?

      1. re: JonParker

        Sure. Since the shitakes are slightly tougher/chewier than oyster or button mushrooms, I'd suggest slicing them thinner but otherwise you shouldn't have any problems.

    2. You can definitely freeze the roasted meat up to 3 months. Since you're single, freeze it in 1 lb. portions. You can also look up a moussaka recipe, and just cube up a pound or so of the cooked lamb, cook some onions and mix it up, then complete the assembly of the moussaka. Very good. Can also be used in a shepherd's pie, or mixed with rice pilaf and herbs & good olive oil, like a rice salad.

      1. Tsatsiki: Buy an 8 oz. container of Total Greek yogurt at Whole Foods along with an English cucumber and some garlic. Dump yogurt in bowl. Cut cuke in half lengthwise.Skin. Remove seeds. Mince cuke. Fill empty yogurt container with minced cuke. Throw it into the bowl with yogurt. Finally chop 1/2 of a large garlic clove and add to bowl. Sprinkle with good sea salt. Mix thoroughly. Nirvana.

        1. Make shepherd's pie or moussaka and freeze it. But yes, you are insane. In a good way. Buying a whole leg of lamb when you're one person? I thought I was nuts.

          1. Lamb sandwich...with anything & a balsamic dressing, or just mustard.

            Chop about a pound or less of the meat, fry some chopped garlic in olive oil or peanut oil if you have it..., add some of the mushrooms/chopped..anything else you have, throw in some chopped chives, season with hot pepper flakes, add the chopped lamb...taste for seasoning....serve with steamed rice.

            Lamb stew....