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May 11, 2008 04:54 PM

Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London - Some Places

Strikes me that the stretch of Uxbridge Road just west of Shepherds Bush tube station (Hammersmith & City) is an interesting chow zone.

I did some snacking one lunchtime last week - started with a Lebanese kofta pizza from Naana which was delicious with wonderful seasoning, better than Green Valley IMO, and, at £2 for a large pizza, really good value. Later in the afternoon, I revisited Quashie's Roti Hut and enjoyed a delicious chickpea+potato roti for £2.50, this place is as good as I remember it being from years and years back.

Naana, 384 Uxbridge Road, W12
Quashie's Roti Hut, 63 Uxbridge Road, W12

Other places that caught my eye include Rayan (#288), King Solomon's Cafe (#300), Blue Ocean (#358), Zeit & Zaatar (#354), Nut Case (#352), Al Fakher Shisha Garden (#350), Foubert Ice Cream (#280), Ochi Caribbean Cafe (#226). Al Abbas and Damas are two large and impressive Lebanese/Middle Eastern Grocery Stores. There are also two large Polish delis on the stretch between Shepherds Bush station (H&C) and Shepherds Bush Green. If anyone has any feedback on any of these places, I would be interested to hear it.

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  1. I work near there (no prizes for guessing who my employer is) and I sometimes wander down to Uxbridge Road in my lunch hour to stock up on supplies. Damas Gate and Al Abbas are both excellent for Middle Eastern ingredients and do great deals on fruit and veg in season (a crate of cherries for a fiver - heaven). I am also a big fan of the Nut Case, great selection of nuts (quelle surprise) and dried fruit. They also do the coffee with cardomon that Mr GG loves, and baklava, Turkish delight etc.

    I don't often eat there, as I tend to bring my own lunch, but there is a great falafel stand near the market (actually there are two, but the Palestinian one is better).

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      That's right, you work for dear old Auntie IIRC from your previous posts. I did wonder about the falafel places, I will give the Palestinian one a shot at some point. Also forgot to mention that I bought some [packaged] Caribbean daal rotis from a grocery shop within Shepherds Bush market, they are delicious filled with almost anything and warmed up. And Sayed ul Sadaat (#33) offers a superior kebab as I found out after a pre Xmas party in the hood last year.

      Btw do you happen to know anything about either North China or Sichuan Restaurant down Acton way?

      1. re: oonth

        I have only been to Acton once in my life, so I'm afraid I'm not the person to ask!

        Have you ever been to Abu Zaad on Uxbridge Rd? I've heard good things about it, but I tend not eat out in Shepherd's Bush of an evening (can't wait to get out of White City!).

        1. re: greedygirl

          What you got against Acton :-) I've got a good pal who lives on the same street as Sichuan so I'm sure that I'll give that place a go at some point.

          Don't know Abu Zaad but googled and found a website, it looks quite interesting.

          1. re: oonth

            Not to hijack the post to big-up Acton but I'd like to recommend the Sichuan place. I used to live on Churchfield Road in Acton a few doors down and the food was some of the best and most authentic Chinese food I've had in London (skip past the usual Anglo-Chinese stuff at the front of the menu). There used to be coaches parked in the car park opposite our flat for parties of Chinese tourists eating there.
            Acton is actually a great neighbourhood for good value food places, Churchfield Rd has the Sichuan place, a good Korean, a great Lebanese place and a lovely cafe called Vaniila. Home and The George and Dragon on Acton High Street are also good. It has been a while though, not sure if they are all still going.

          2. re: greedygirl

            I was introduced to Abu Zaad by a friend of mine who's a Lebanese caterer. In her opinion it's one of the best Lebanese restaurants in London. I live in Chiswick so it's 5 minutes for me and I go there often for lunch or take-away dinner. Their chicken shawarma sandwiches are to die for and only £2.50! They also have other very cheap meals. They're friendly and it's got a nice atmosphere. Muuuch cheaper than the Lebanese food court/restaurant in the new Westfield centre and more authentic. I love that whole area...there's always such a buzz there. By the way, can you let me know where you bought the

            "[packaged] Caribbean daal rotis from a grocery shop within Shepherds Bush market" and were they frozen? Do you mean just the roti wrap itself? I'm actually looking for ready made roti's 9with fillings), but I think Quashie's Roti Hut has closed as their telephone number has been transferred to someone else. Will have to check that out.

            1. re: leeollie

              Is the Aussie pie shop still in the W12 centre? That used to be good.