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May 11, 2008 04:52 PM

It's my birthday again, Citrus at Social or Lucques

Last year Providence was where we celebrated, this year it's a toss up between Lucques and Citrus at Social. Which would you choose and why?

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  1. If the food is important, definitely Lucques.

    1. I agree with Clare, that if you are food focused go to Lucques. However, I had my 40th in one of the private rooms (well the 2 connected private rooms) upstairs when it was still only Social, the Moroccan food. They know how to throw a party. It was fantastic, beautiful and our service was awesome.

      1. I've only eaten at Lucques once...and it was for the SUnday Supper and I was really unimpressed. I've been meaning to try on a different, but haven't gotten around to it yet. As such, I loved Citrus. The food was really good and unique and the room was spectacular.

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          I was also disappointed with Lucques as I was underwhelmed with the lamb. Maybe I'll try something else next time.

          In terms of atmosphere wise, it can get really loud and chatty in Lucques. Maybe the private room at Social would be better.

        2. I love the food at Lucques, but we haven't been back in two years (it was once my fave) because of the service with attitude.

          I love Michel Richard, and loved the original Citrus, and his Citronelle in Santa Barbara. He is an awesome chef that blows Suzanne Goin out of the water.

          I would try his new place because he knows what the competition is out here with the rest of the NY chefs using LA as their second home.

          1. I'm celebrating mine a few days early tonight, and am going with other birthday folks to Hatfield's. Last 2 years it was AOC. Really like Lucques, yet having celebrated within the family the past two years, it did not enter this year's discussion. But maybe next year.
            As to a preference, Lucques was #1 rated in the Michelin LA guide for a reason, although Citrus at Social was not around when the ratings were created. Still, never had less than a very good meal with superb wine and service. And also love the physical plant - cozy, warm, inviting, and that even includes the patio in back.