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May 11, 2008 04:36 PM

Halal Cart Sammy's New Restaurant (Astoria)

I stopped at this restaurant on the SW corner of 21St St and 28th Ave today. The awning looked old but the posted menus looked new. Then I noticed "2006 Vendy Award Winner".
The guy in there confirmed that this was Samiul Noor's new restaurant (I forgot the name).
Unfortunately, it wasn't ready for business yet. I was told that it might open this week. The man was nice enough to let me use the restroom.

The menu featured meat w/ rice, meat gyro, chapli kebab, etc.

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  1. So Sammy has a restaurant? Any updates on this anyone?

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    1. re: Sammiches

      Someone has to have an update..? eating sammy's on the trunk of my car at 2am will never grow old, but having a place to sit would be nice -- occasionally..