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May 11, 2008 04:16 PM

Charleston (SC) - tapas, small plates

We are headed to Charleston and will be there for a Fri and Sat nite. We like the small plate/tapas concept and was wondering if anyone can recommend any places that feature this downtown.

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  1. Chai's, right next door to Basil and owned by the same folks, is my favorite tapas place downtown. The menu is all over the place but many of the dishes display an Asian influence. Great SE Asian salads like green mango salad and green papaya salad.

    Raval, just down the street, is also pretty good. Much more traditional tapas prepared in a tiny kitchen.

    Not downtown, but getting great reviews, is Soif, located in the I'on neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant (so just over the bridge). I haven't been yet, but everything I hear sounds promising.

    And if I remember correctly, doesn't SNOB serve small dishes--not tapas sized but smaller than their regular entrees?

    1. J Paulz on James Island has sushi and tapas-great food, try the red snapper (?) with forbidden rice.. A freind of mine wil be playing the guitar Saurday nite.