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May 11, 2008 04:11 PM

Dinner in Morro Bay

Looking for good seafood on the water between Paso and San Luis. Any suggestions. Must be open on Memorial Day.

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  1. The only places I can think of in that short distance are Moon stone Inn in Cambria, with so-so food, or the Sea Chest which has AWSOME seafood, but neither are ON the water, both have ocean views tho. (Not every table in either have ocean view). Sea Chest does not take ressies, or credit cards, so plan to have an early dinner, people start lining up about 4:30, they open at 5:30. I always bring a chair, a bottle of wine and some nibbles to sit out and watch the waves until dinner.

    In Cayucos, Schooners wharf is on the water, but not much for ambiance, at least whenever I have been there. If you were going to do Cayucos, I would recommend Hoppe's instead. I you are really hell-bent on dining on the water, go a bit further down to Pismo. We have had a few good meals at Steamers. I have also heard good things about the Bayside Cafe, but I have never been and don't know if they have seafood. I don't think I would consider ANY of the aforementioned fine dining. (Hoppe's comes pretty close though).

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        I went to Hoppe's last night and didn't have a very good meal. The raw scallop and oyster in the seafood platter were very good. But the other dishes weren't that great. I had a beet salad that had way too many beets, with no other substantial ingredient to pair it with. The rib eye came way overdone (not medium rare) and wasn't really a rib eye cut - it was more like a filet. The seafood trio was probably the least impressive -- the ahi steak had no seasoning at all (and no flavor), while the polenta cake was way overseasoned with cayenne. The bread pudding was forgettable. Considering the price ($180 for 2 people, with 2 glasses of wine each) it wasn't that great.

        On the other hand, Harada in Morro Bay was fantastic. It is Japanese. The only nigiri we had was fresh sake and hamachi, but both orders were amazing and would rival the best sushi in the bay area in freshness and flavor. the natto roll was also very good. The agedashi-tofu was very crispy and had a flavorful broth to cut through it. The only dish that wasn't superb was the oden it was flavorful but was missing boiled egg. Overall however it was excellent and a definite repeat.

        Also went to Taco Temple in North Morro Bay. It's okay but I wouldn't say it was fabulous. The salmon fish taco was the best of what we had -- well-cooked fillet, with lots of vegetables. (It's not like a conventional fish taco -- it's way too big to fold or eat with hands, and has lots of ingredients you wouldn't normally see in a fish taco). The shrimp taco had about three times as much creole seasoning as it needed. The carnitas was not bad but lacked flavor. On the plus side, the portions are huge and it's fairly healthy as far as Mexican food goes.

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          thanks for the report. Always good to get feedback.

          Harada's has always been very good quality. Nothing made ahead.

      2. I've had very good food at Lido (Dolphin Bay) in Shell Beach, on the bluff.

        2727 Shell Beach Rd, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

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          what are the prices like there? I've never been. Also, what have you had? I have been thinking of doing a girl's spa overnighter there. Thanks.

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            I don't know, I didn't pay.....
            and the menu :
            doesn't have $$ on it

            I think med expensive,not outrageous (opentable.com says <$30


            Location is great and the hotel (Dolphin Bay) rooms are AMAZING................

            I've had ahi, warm scallop salad and the burger....all good. oysters, ok, not kumamotos. desserts, good

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              *blush* oops! Sorry! I'm always sticking my foot in my mouth over here. Anyway, I will have to have my honey take me sometime before I plan anything with the girls..I get a little nervous when they don't list prices...

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                Open Table is underestimating the prices at Lido. With appetizer, main course and dessert I'd say it's closer to $60-80 pp

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                About $60 pp but if you aren't a big eater you can do less since they do small and large versions of many if not all dishes.

          2. Have had some nice dinners in Morro Bay at Windows on the Water. Haven't been in a year or so, however. Nice view of the harbor and Morro Rock.

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              I was going to mention WOTW as well but alas I have not been there for about a year as well and I thought the chef left.

            2. Lido gets my vote not only for their sea food dishes but as the best restaurant in SLO county. I've eaten there 3 times in the last 2 years. I love the small and large plates offered on most dishes. It helps to keep the total tab under control. It's upscale, somewhat pricy,but really worth it. If cost is an issue think about stopping by in the last afternoon for a glass of wine and and an appitizer. Sit out on the patio and take in the view.