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May 11, 2008 03:53 PM

Fine Dining in Hamilton/Burlington Area?

We're celebrating a 40th anniversary - party of six...and are looking for recommendations for a memorable dining experience. We've been considering 1505 North (Burlington), Rousseau House (Ancaster), Lo Presti Maxwell's (Hamilton) and Edgewater Manor (Stoney Creek). Having not been to any of these (we tend to go in to Toronto for fine dining) your thoughts are appreciated! Some of the other threads were more about general good food in Hamilton but we'd like some more specific feedback! Thanks!!!

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  1. When you go to TO for fine dining, which restaurants do you tend to favour? Knowing the style of your preferences might help with suggestions.

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      Well - it's a pretty broad spectrum for my husband and I, who are up to anything that comes recommended but if I think of my in-laws whose anniversary we are celebrating I would go with: some solid red meat choices (think Prime Rib or Filet Mignon) and not too "chi-chi" as this would intimidate them to some degree. I would say that Lord Nelson in Burlington is slightly out of our budget. We've recently been to Lord Byron's in Waterdown which I thought was good food-wise, but quite dated in terms of decor. Good question...hope this helps with your thoughts!

    2. What about The Carriage House or Spencers (both downtown Burlington). Spencers has a great view on the water, but may be a little busy/loud if you wanted a quieter atmosphere. The Carriage House sounds like what you're looking for. It's the same owners as Oliver's in are the websites to check out..

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        I've heard fantastic things about the Carriage House - menu looks terrific. Thank you!!!!!

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          Carriage house is very good with quite good wines. I also really like the Blacktree in Burlington.

      2. I second Carriage House as a great choice - Excellent food and service...and the restaurant has its own free parking behind. Blacktree and Spencer's are also great choices, although I do agree that Spencer's is not the quietest place. Don't try Lo Presti's - if you want outdated, you've got it there. La Cantina in downtown Hamilton is also nice, if you're looking for italian food.

        1. I've just been introduced to this site and wish I had found this site sooner! What a great place to find and read opions about restos.
          I know the original posting was done back in May, but I'd like to add a couple of comments.
          Lo Presti's - from what I recall it was very dated, felt very stuffy...needs to call "restaurant makeover" Service was slow.
          Edgewater Manor - it's been a couple of years since I've been, but I do recall it being a very classy upscale place. I would say that this is probably one of the best restos' in Hamilton in terms of style, location and class...the food isn't shabby either!
          1505 North - Decent place with a nice selection of wines.
          Rousseau - very nice place, very cozy and quiet (at least when I went). The food and service was excellent.
          If you're searching for other places in Hamilton I would suggest:
          The Old Powerhouse (Stoney Creek)
          Old Mill
          La Cantina
          I've read some good reviews about Seven Windows...I may check that place out next. I would suggest staying away from Hess Village, unless you're going durring the winter season. The summer is just PACKED with stuck up punks and hoochie girls...Classy by day, Trashy at night. I've heard mixed reviews about the food and service. I'd only suggest going here if you wanted to go to a place to drink and dance.
          If you're searching for other places in Burlington I would suggest:
          Spencer's - I agree with everyone else saying that it can be noisy
          Rude Native (I haven't been to the new location...yet)
          Waterstreet Cooker (Casual/Fine Dining) - this place can also be very noisy...great view of the lake, if you happen to get a window seat.
          Trendz (it's a little small, but great food.
          Kaareli's - not sure if it's still around.
          Hope this helps...

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