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May 11, 2008 03:35 PM

Mother's Day and SD dining

How was everyone's Mother's Day dining experience? Instead of brunch (tired of carrying around plates, kids eating a couple shrimp for $30, and then feeling totally stuffed), we opted for lunch at Tapenade. It was lovely. A lot of people there too. It was nice to be served and not hurried along for a leisurely lunch. The kids menu was simply Caesar salad, organic chicken, pomme frites and a lovely strawberry sorbet dessert for $19. The chicken was awesome and cooked perfectly and was actually their favorite. We also had the adult menu (there were 5 choices) with wild mushroom ravioli in a port reduction sauce (delicious but got a little heavy after 3), steak with a tasty pepper sauce. Other choices were: salmon, duck confit and shrimp with lobster risotto. Tried the chocolate marquise and the strawberry dessert and both were wonderful. Service was superb, as usual. It has changed my mind about ever doing brunch buffets for Mother's Day again.

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  1. We had some great food at The Original Pancake House on Convoy. The wait was about 35 minutes at 1pm. I had the apple pancake with cinnamon glaze which was huge and delicious. I bit too big for me to finish. Maggie had canadian bacon with eggs and pancakes. I tried the bacon and thought it was great. J. had scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage. I tried the sausage and it was very good. We were really happy with the food and service but the wait was a bit much.

    1. Once again, the whole fam damily trekked over to La Trattoria for their four-course Mother's Day dinner. Now, four courses is about twice as much as my usual fare, but their portions are just enough to let you savor the flavors. Rave reviews on the duck cakes, beef wellington, lobster with seafood risotto, seafood gumbo, and red velvet cake. I'm so happy to have this place in my neck of the woods!

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        red velvet cake on Mother's day?.......yum!!!!

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          Yes, and they were beautifully presented individual cakes with berries on the side. Other dessert choices were blueberry creme brulee and chocolate molten lava cake, all garnished with fresh berries.

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            Hey Phee, I'm sure you had a wonderful time at LT. I loved their mother's day menu. I was real curious about the duck cakes and I adore Beef Wellington. Good choice and thanks for posting. It's more difficult to get way out there as often now but I'm sure it's a blessing to the neighborhood. I hear they have live music on Thursday nites.

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              Thanks, Pat! I'll have to check the place out on Thursdays. :)

              The duck cakes didn't appeal so much to me, but after tasting a bite of Jim's, I wished I'd ordered them. The Beef Wellington was cooked to perfection (two medium-rares and one medium at our table), and the beef was like buttah. The maitre'd was our waiter, and he's quite engaging and attentive without hovering.