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Red Fife Flour in Toronto?

Does anyone know where you can buy red fife flour in the GTA? .. somewhere closer than Peterborough :)

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  1. There is no obvious source, although JK is using it, and other chefs or bakers may have it. You could try asking the custom millers, www.arvaflourmills.com Grain Process Enterprises (red fife whole wheat is listed, and they have a retail outlet): http://www.cor.ca/en/21281 or Brant Flours, Scotland, Ont.

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      You can get it in Guelph, at Ouderkirk and Taylor, downtown.

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        St. John's Bakery sells red fife sourdough bread, so it must have a local source for it. Maybe you might be even able to buy some off them. They're located on Broadview, near Queen.

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          Arva Flour Mills (London, Ont.) has taken down their website, so they are no longer a
          reliable source of specialty flours.

          Has anyone in the London area confirmed this?

        2. Tyrone Mills, just north of Bowmanville sells it

          1. Culinarium on Mt. Pleasant, just south of Eglinton, sells it.

            1. Dufferin Grove market has it under the label Merryland Organics. It's locally made. There's an article about the producer in July's Toronto Life.

              1. They were represented at the Gladstone last Wednesday (Harvest Wednesday event), had some fresh bread there to try even, I would expect them to be at the other events too...

                1. I saw it at the Withrow Park farmer's market a few weeks ago. It was a t the vendor beside the info booth.

                  1. just bought a big bag (3.3lbs) for $6.50 At Culinarium on Mt Pleasant.

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                      St. John's Bakery has a stall at the brickworks farmers' market. Last weekend, I saw a bag of it placed with some of the bread. I'm not sure whether they were selling the flour or just advertising that they use it to make their bread, but there it be.

                    2. They sell it at Multiple Organics (1545 Dundas Street West, a block west of Dufferin). It's a nice little neighbourhood organic/local grocery store.

                      1. If you're still interested, you can buy a 2.5 kg bag (5.5 lbs) at St. John's Bakery for $7.50. It's also used in most of their breads.

                        1. Rube's Rice in the basement of St. Lawrence Mkt (south building) started selling Red Fife Flour in bulk a few weeks ago. I don't remember the exact price, but it was cheaper than any other place I've seen it.

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                            Rube has it for $2 a pound...it is organic, whole grain, and listed as "Product of Canada"

                            I'm seriously looking for Red Fife grains so my wife can mill her own, on demand.

                          2. Regarding a locale in Toronto to obtain Red Fife Flour.

                            On Wednesday December 17, 2008 CBC radio had a discourse with the subject line Red Fife flour and the locales in Toronto where this product may be obtained.

                            to obtain the stores that carry this product:

                            www.cbc.ca/ hereandnow toronto


                            1. Grain Process Enterprises Ltd -115 Commander Blvd. Scarborough
                              Phone 416-291-3226 - It is off of McCowan north of Sheppard but minumum 10kg bags and I would call in advance to make sure it is in stock - they run out some times

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                                10Kg goes really fast...You can order any Grain Process stuff form most bulk stores, for delivery. Strictly Bulk (three stores in Toronto) will order it for you, at ridiculously low prices. We had ordered kamut flour in 10Kg bags for something like $17 last year.

                              2. I was delighted to discover that Red Fife flour is now sold at Bulk Barn (the one at Leslie and Lakeshore, anyway). Even better, it's organic! I can't wait to make my loaf of bread with it tomorrow!

                                Just thought I'd share the info...

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                                  the bulk barn @ weston/401 had it last night ... organic too.

                                  i'm curious -- how do you use it? specifically in recipes calling for red fife flour? or can it be substituted?

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                                      LOL....so Im thinking wow, Sheryl Crow singing about red fife flour!!
                                      You mean Sheryl Kirby :)

                                2. Second the Bulk Barn one now... just made 2 batches of bagels with it!

                                  1. If you consider two hours away worth the drive to call it "close", head on over to Organic Garage - 579 Kerr St. Oakville - http://www.organicgarage.ca/

                                    1. FWIW, i noticed a loaf of weston red fife bread at the 427/burnhamthorpe loblaws on monday night. i bought one ... don't remember the price. wonder if it's a new product?

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                                        Was it only red fife, or did it have regular all purpose flour and some red fife? How was it?

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                                          Weston's buying power trumps all the small entrepreneurs who re-introduced this 1920 vintage flour.
                                          It's always that way. A window of two or three years before the big corporations try their luck. And they will often dumb down the product, although I haven't tried their Red Fife, but saw it in Loblaws. These things are always worth trying but may be disappointing.

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                                            I'd love to see some good red fife loaves. It has a wonderful nutty flavour. I will look for it next time I'm in a Loblaws. I hope it isn't dumbed down, but if it is, someone's bound to come along eventually and do it right.

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                                            ingredients as listed on the bag:
                                            organic whole wheat flour, water, sourdough (enriched wheat flour, water, yeast), wheat gluten, fermented rye flour, honey, salt, yeast, malt powder (malt, corn grits), soy lecithin, enzymes. may contain: sesame seeds, milk.

                                            i quite liked the taste ... i'm not a huge bread fan but of the few slices i did eat, i enjoyed it. i'll buy it again.

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                                              Thanks for the info. I will see if I can find one at the Loblaws near me.

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                                                I bought CIPM's Red Fife recently at Grain, Curd and Bean, 1414 Dundas West. I've also seen it at the market at Wychwood Barns.

                                        2. I purchase organics from Merrylynd Organics in Peterborough on a regular basis and live in Toronto.

                                          More than happy to pick up on my way through.