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May 11, 2008 03:06 PM

Red Fife Flour in Toronto?

Does anyone know where you can buy red fife flour in the GTA? .. somewhere closer than Peterborough :)

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  1. There is no obvious source, although JK is using it, and other chefs or bakers may have it. You could try asking the custom millers, Grain Process Enterprises (red fife whole wheat is listed, and they have a retail outlet): or Brant Flours, Scotland, Ont.

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      You can get it in Guelph, at Ouderkirk and Taylor, downtown.

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        St. John's Bakery sells red fife sourdough bread, so it must have a local source for it. Maybe you might be even able to buy some off them. They're located on Broadview, near Queen.

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          Arva Flour Mills (London, Ont.) has taken down their website, so they are no longer a
          reliable source of specialty flours.

          Has anyone in the London area confirmed this?

        2. Tyrone Mills, just north of Bowmanville sells it

          1. Culinarium on Mt. Pleasant, just south of Eglinton, sells it.

            1. Dufferin Grove market has it under the label Merryland Organics. It's locally made. There's an article about the producer in July's Toronto Life.

              1. They were represented at the Gladstone last Wednesday (Harvest Wednesday event), had some fresh bread there to try even, I would expect them to be at the other events too...