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May 11, 2008 02:21 PM

Upscale Dim Sum?

Hi Board,

I'm a NYer who just got back from San Francisco. Went back to Yank Sing for the first time in years, and it was fantastic. Completely authentic? Probably not, but upscale and delicious. Big pork buns, scallop and shitake dumplings, chicken fun gowr, and others that were upscale, delicious, and not that expensive (my fairly large, to-go sampler plate came to $9--pricy for dim sum but not bad for lunch). I was wondering if there were Dim Sum places in New York that are more like that. I love more typical dim sum, but the Jing Fong/Golden Unicorn/Pings experience is a very different one from that of Yank Sing, and I'd love to replicate it here on the east coast. Any suggestions?

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  1. ChinaTown Brasserie, 380 Lafayette St, New York

    1. i dont think there are any places that are as nice as Yank Sing in SF in ctown you're probably looking at Dim Sum Go Go as the nicest. Although i haven't been eaten there Chinatown Brasserie outside of ctown is reasonably upscale (although probably more on the trendy side)

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        Chinatown Brasserie The Best Dumplings ( Dim Sum ) in Town!

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          I don't really have a better suggestion, but I really didn't think the Chinatown Brasserie dim sum were all that impressive. Mind you, I think Yank Sing is just alright anyway, but no better then many cheapie places in SF. So I guess they're both big rooms with plates at similar price points... otherwise the style of dim sum is a bit different. No lobster and cream cheese sticks at Yank Sing.

        2. I am glad you could tell the difference between Jing Fong/Golden Unicorn/Pings/HSF and "upscale dim sum". There are so many people out there think those places are the most wonderful restaurants in the world when, in fact, they serve just mediocre dim sum if you look at other dim sum you can get in SF, LA, Vancouver, or Toronto.

          I agree with the other posts. Chinatown Brasserie is probably your best bet. One other place some folks here like is the dim sum at Oriental Garden but unfortunately I have not eaten dimsum there before.

          Or perhaps you can visit SF again :).

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            Oriental Garden is neither upscale or good...not sure why people rave about it, last time I ate there I think it was potentially the worst dim sum I've ever had (anywhere)

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              Oriental Garden is good for fresh seafood and dinner dishes, but their dim sum really sucks.

              Then of course their service was appalling too.

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                I haven't had dimsum there so I can't speak for it but my dinner experiences at Oriental Garden have always been pretty good (both service and food). Myabe I will have a horrible experience next time I go (which will not surprise me), I shall be careful.. ha!

                Back to the subject, I have been to Yank Sing many times over the years and didn't think it's that much more "upscale" than Oriental Garden. I should get re-calibrated on that. Perhaps its time to visit SF again soon :)

            2. Unfortunately New York has not shared in the modernization of Chinese food, both dim sum and Hong Kong style seafood, which you find in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver or Toronto. Chinatown Brasserie and Dim Sum Go Go are the closest on the dim sum side and while Flushing dim sum is a cut above Chinatown quality wise, it's still the same traditional stuff, and not the new wave that you find on the West Coast and Canada.

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                I totally agree with you. Glad I got my point across to someone here. I really wasn't trying to talk down on the dimsum places and their customers in NYC. Instead, I was just offering my point of view based on my own observation (and not everyone has to agree!). Different people have different tolerance/preference so it's all good when we get to eat the food we like and be happy :)