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May 11, 2008 02:20 PM

Best Romantic Dinner for 2 in Honolulu!

I already know about "AW" and Chef Mavro but unfortunately they are not oceanside....I read about Bali by the Sea and have been to Halekulani Hotel last year. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a top notch local fusion restaurant for a very special occasion that has oceanside tables? Need local wisdom and knowledge fast! I'm staying in Sans Souci side of Waikiki, but doesnt have to be Waikiki. Are all the oceanside places in hotels? and will I end up getting hotel cuisine? I dont want to spend more than 75 bucks a person (so that might mean AW and Mavro are out anyway, although the prices are never on the website....).

Thank You!

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  1. since it has been over a week, this may come too late. yes, essentially anything ocean front in waikiki will be in a hotel. as long as you are at the sans souci end of waikiki, stay there and go to the hau tree lanai in the new otani. you can get better food elsewhere, and no doubt better service. on the other hand, i've never had a bad meal there, and the setting can not be beat. the other option at that end is michele's, but it has been so long since i have been there, i really couldn't tell you what to expect.

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      I agree with both, The Hau Tree Lanai and Michele's Colony Surf. Though we had a rather bad experience at Michele's (chronicled on CH about 2.5 years ago), too many others on the board have loved it. I must have hit on their "one bad night." Were it not for so many great restaurants in/around Honolulu, we'd have tried them again, just to be fair.

      The setting of each is excellent. Seating is a tad crowded at Hau Tree, and not that much better at Miclele's, but adequate. Views from each are wonderful.

      Over the years, we've always had good food and service at Hau Tree, though some do not enjoy it that much, as they think it is too "tourist oriented." Well, being a Mainlander, I'm also a tourist and have few complaints.