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May 11, 2008 01:34 PM

Kokopellis Bistro And Wine

On 27 a couple of miles south of 192...

It gets great reviews on, has anybody been?

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  1. I have been, and I was extremely unsatisfied. Unfortunately, our experience was so bad that it's probably going to come across as a "hater" review. but here goes. Back at the beginning of April my family and I went there to celebrate a series of 4 family birthdays taht are all within a few weeks of each other. The place looked cute and had a nice sounding menu, so we gave it a shot. When we arrived we were greeted warmly by the hostess and seated. We ordered out drinks and then looked over the menu for apps. We ordered the empanadas and I must say, they were amazing. Unfortunately, that is where the praises end. We ordered out entrees and waited....and waited....and waited.....It took nearly an hour from when we placed our order for the entrees until they began to arrive. I say "began" to arrive, because nothing came out together. There were seven of us at the table, and not even two plates came out together. They were all brought out in separate trips. My sister finished her steak before my mother, wife, and I even got our meals. My wife was the last to get her meal, and it was more than half an hour after the first person got their entree. When the owner/chef came around to ask how things were, we were completely honest. his excuse for teh food coming out seperately is that they didn't have a heat lamp, so food would get cold if they didn't bring it out when it was done. Well, wouldn't a decent chef be able to time things so that everything was finished around the same time? We weren't the only ones that had this issue either. it was a slow night and there were only 3 other occupied tables the entire time we were there, and 2 of those three had the same issue. Now, for the food, it varied. my father and sister both got sirloins and they said that they were good, but not great. my mother got a rack of ribs, and I had a bite. They were great. My Brother in law got some kind of burger and he devoured it. he said it was fantastic. I got the quail. The birds were pretty good, but nothing spectacular. The rice "puck" that was on my plate was an unpleasant surprise. It was wild rice formed into the shape of a hockey puck. Somehow it also got the consitency of the puck. I actually broke it in half and dropped half of it on the floor. not a single grain of rice feel off. it just bounced. Yuck. My wife's meal was just inedble. It may be our our tastes, but 5 of us tasted her vegetarian ravioli, and none of us though it to be even remotely tasty. She only took a couple of bites, and then ate the veggies from my plate. We didn't complain, per se, but when someone asked us how things were, we were honest about it. They took my wife's meal off of the bill. The kicker is that when we were getting ready to leave, my brother in law mentioned that there was a spider spinning a web on his "bistro fries" holder. The waitress' response: "yup, that's a spider".' No apology, nothin. We will not return.

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      I've been by twice in the last week for lunch and they were closed. that was very annoying. I finally called this afternoon and Mike answered the phone, I think he is the owner chef. He basically admitted that he was having trouble staying open during lunch because he was short staffed. I still plan on trying it but it looks like it will have to be for dinner sometime.

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        No this one is located in Davenport.