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May 11, 2008 01:27 PM

Saugerties, NY

A casual drive over the Hudson to Saugerties found us peckish and we wandered up and down the street looking for something light. Love Bite, a tiny cafe and at that time occupied only by the staff caught our eye. A passing couple responded to our inquiry and really sold us on Love Bite. My wife had a crabcake sandwich with wasabi/yogurt dressing and greens and I tried an eggs benedict using smoked salmon atop a herby biscuit. Different but good and worth another try.

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  1. Ditto on Love Bite. We've been there several times for brunch and lunch and enjoyed it each time.
    We also enjoy dining at Miss Lucy's Kitchen across the street. The menu changes daily depending on the season. We tried fiddleheads last spring and were delighted.
    Just outside of Saugerties is New World Home Cooking which is either the best restaurant north of the Tappan Zee or the worst.

    1. I am meeting four of my friends in Saugerties this weekend for a girl's weekend getaway. We are staying at the Howard Johnson's in Saugerties. We are looking for a nice place to eat dinner on Saturday night and a place for brunch on Sunday. Any recommendations?
      Thank you,

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        Fez, a Mediterranean place just opened on Partition street. I've had the lamb tagine and the best falafal I've ever tasted.

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          Thank you for the suggestion, priscilla56. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until just now but I will still try out Fez some time. We went to Cucina (Woodstock) for dinner on Saturday night and Love Bites (Saugerties) on Monday for brunch. I would HIGHLY recommend both places!!!

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            Thanks cherel.We are weekenders up there and I am proud of our little town.