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anyone been to a Ruths Chris?

Jake wants to go to Ruths Chris for his birthday. Its about an hour and change from us and we have never been there. Any yeas or nays? Advice? What to stay away from? Price range? Dress code?

Thanks hounds!

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  1. It's good....a steakhouse chain.....They serve their steaks on a really really hot plate in some melted butter. I like the shrimp remolaude appetizer. I'd get a NY strip or ribeye and some of the sides to share. I would say average cost for two apps, two steaks and a couple of shared sides, and perhaps a dessert would run upwards of $115-125. Not counting the wine.

    1. Forgot to add: nice casual clothes. No jacket or tie necessary.

      1. I've read of some people who aren't a fan of Ruth's Chris... To each his own. For me, it is one of my favorite restaurants. First of all, the one I've been to in Weehawken, NJ is beautiful and has a gorgeous view of the water. The atmosphere is perfectly serene.. the restaurant is completely full, but you would never know it- everything from your end is calm and enjoyable. Even though the restaurant is totally full and busy, the staff is not frantically running all over and there is no fly by night service as sometimes happens in crazy busy restaurants when the waiter comes by your table and is obviously in such a hurry.. those things are not present. The service is perfectly calm, attentive, professional but also FRIENDLY. There is no snobby, uptight attitude or stuffiness you sometimes get in some upscale restaurants.

        I love the combination of old time, classic steakhouse with eclectic newer cooking - the veal ossobuco ravioli appetizer or the barbecue shrimp are delicious and are perfect before a classic porterhouse sizzling in butter, cooked to perfection. The steak is a drop lower in deliciousness than Peter Luger - the benchmark of dry aged steaks to me - but the ambience and superb service make up for it by far. Peter Luger's is a dump and the waiters practically throw a one page menu at you and ask "What do you want?" The steak at Ruth's Chris, though, is amazing - incredibly tender and the butter makes it melt in your mouth. The side dishes at Ruths Chris are sooooooooooooo good and it was hard to choose.. we got 5 sides for 3 of us simply becuase they all sounded so good - the lyonaise with sauteed onions and the sweet potato casserole were amazing.

        The desserts were to die for!!!! I had the banana carmelized cream pie and first of all, it was HUGE, and it is the last thing I'd like to eat before I die.

        Honestly, it is my favorite restaurant to go and we always go on birthdays or special occasions.

        Dress is casual neat.

        1. We have been to the Ruth Chris on the Baltimore Inner Harbor several times. We have been treated well, the food was good and we've had good service. The last time we were there, we actually got a post card from our server thanking us for coming in. I know people tend to say that they are expensive, but it's not like you go there on a daily basis.

          1. In Chicago it ranks near the bottom of the list of the steakhouses in my opinion, down there with the other chain steakhouse Capital Grill, but then again we have some of the best steakhouses in the country. If I was in a location where there were not any other options, and was not picking up the tab, I would go.

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              I'd much rather go to Capital Grille or Ruth's Chris than The Chicago Chop House. About the same as Morton's. Perhaps Gibson's a little better, but only a little. And as for G&G. they welcome regulars and put us out of town hicks in Siberia.

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                I am not a fan of Gibson's, Chop House, or G & G. My favorites are Saloon, Keefers, David Burke's, and Joes Stone Crab for great steaks. I cannot go to a chain steakhouse with these other options available.

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                Wow. We went to the Capital Grill in Chicago a few months ago and the 45 day dry aged rib eye was perfection as was the service. Now the Capital Grill and RC here in Troy Mi are both very poor in terms of quality and service. We did eat at the RC in Kona, HI and we had an excellent meal.
                So for me it's pretty much the same as every other chain. There are good locations and bad ones.
                The one compailnt I have had many times at RC is that they serve head steaks. In Troy the last time we went not only did we get head steaks but they didn't even bother to clean the silver off the fillets. Pathetic.
                The sizzle platters are kitchey and the steaks keep cooking from the residual heat after your server brings your meal. I don't like butter smeared on my steak either.
                Personally I'd rather go to the OutBack.

              3. I'm in Youngstown, Ohio which is smack dab in the center of Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I am actually having a surprise luau for his birthday on the 7th of June but since he doesnt know...he wants to go to RC for his real birthday on the 6th. If anyone has any other ideas in there, throw them out. His main request is steak!

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                  If you're in Y-town, it's worth the drive up to Beachwood to go to Red if you want steaks, which is getting national acclaim. http://www.redthesteakhouse.com/

                2. Never had anything but a good experience. The wait staff is great about special requests/needs. I always ask for no butter, but the steaks are not drowing in it. Love the onion rings.

                  Both the strip and filet are great, but I would not order the porterhouse (just my opinion).


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                    Why not the porterhouse? Too big?? Too small??? Poor Quality????

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                      Too small, in that though we ordered it medium rare, it was more like well done. The strips and filets seem just the right size to ensure cooking without getting overdone.

                      Perhaps it was an off night/steak, but I've never seen a really big porterhouse (usually order a porterhouse for two in steakhouses) at Ruth's Chris.

                      To their credit, they took away the porterhouse and exchanged it for a strip and a filet. Large tip given that night, but always (IMO) excellent service.

                      1. re: KOK

                        At our local RC, I have never had a steak which was not overcooked. I order it rare and it's always at least medium (because of the hot plate I suspect). Just one (of many) reasons why I choose Flemings over Ruth's Chris.

                        1. re: Janet from Richmond

                          My mom used to take me to the Ruth's Chris in Beverly Hills every so often. I always ordered my steaks rare and that's how they arrived at the table. Cooks know or SHOULD know when to pull the meat off of the heat source so that it does not overcook by the time it arrives at the table! If it had not arrived as ordered I would send it back. They may be a chain operation but they are not inexpensive!

                  2. If you like blue cheese, they have a really really good blue cheese "crust" you can add to your steak. I had it once at the RC in NYC, and I still think about it. I was hesitant to order it at 1st thinking why ruin a good steak, but it was delicious!

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                      How important is Jake to you? If it is important to you to please Jake, fulfill his wish and take him to Ruth Chris on his birthday and use that experience to determine whether you would want to return when the choice is yours alone. It'll cost you $60 to $75 per person to find out. Personally, I would pay that price the first time just to find out what all the fuss is about. I've been to several RCs. I like the steaks and the sides. Some friends rave about one or both. Some friends think they're vastly overpriced. I wish RC had returned to help rebuild New Orleans after Katrina instead of re-locating to Florida (which admittedly has nothing whatsoever to do with whether the dining experience is worthwhile).

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                        "It'll cost you $60 to $75 per person to find out"

                        Thats a real low ball number nowadays especially if you are having wine or cocktails. Steak are $40-50+, not including the steaks for two. Sides are in the area of $8, one side is enough for two people. Apps are in the range of $10-15. My favorite steak is the bone in rib eye and for dress would range from nice jeans a button down to a suit for men. The Boston location is the one I visit on special occasions and I cannot say one bad word about a visit I've had there.

                    2. Been to the Boca Raton branch, and thought that the filet mignon was excellent, and the sides were good but not as noteworthy as the meat. BTW, I thought that the ambience and service were excellent, too.

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                        Definitely go to Ruth's Chris. I've been twice and the steak is amazing. Everyone working there is pleasant and the manager has come over both times to make sure that everything is cooked the way we like.
                        For dress, I wouldn't go with jeans. Business casual. It's a bit pricey, but definitely worth the money.

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                          In Philadelphia, it is not in the top tier of steakhouses. I went once, felt like the hot plate the steak was served upon covered me with the sizzling butter, and was not impressed with the steak. I make a much better ribeye on the grill. Morton's is a better chain, also Capital Grill.