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May 11, 2008 12:11 PM

Corned beef in a can

Pardon me if this has recently been covered, but are favoured brands and recipes?

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  1. When I was a kid, one of the school lunches my Mother packed was sliced, canned corned beef with French's mustard on white bread. I don't eat it cold anymore, but my wife uses it for an Hispanic dish - Rice with Corned beef. She cooks the meat with diced potato and spanish seasoning, then puts it on top of white rice, Delicioso!

    We usually buy Libby's or Goya

    1. Favourite brand - usually supermarket own label (Sainsbury).

      Apart from sandwiches (which is what I'd normally do with it) we'd make hash or, from time to time, pasties.

      1. I found this American brand via a Google search (link below). I don't remember ever seeing in stores, but then again I haven't really looked for it. I think it's more popular in England/Europe. I have, of course, seen the canned corn beef hash (CBH). On the lighter side, CBH, should really be called 'cholesterol in a can'. Man its got some high fat content!

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          I always go for Hormel, 'cause that's what my dad got. I love it but eat it rarely. My husband freaks when he sees it and asks me why I'm eating dog food.

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            Maybe elsewhere in Europe, but I can't recall seeing this brand in the UK.

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              Hereford is a very common brand here in Toronto, though I've only seen the regular 6oz can; the other varieties look intriguing.

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                Hereford was the only brand my mom used when she made her "red flannel hash". I didn't even know other brands existed until I was in my late 20's and started grocery shopping for myself.

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                  Hereford brand ...I used to love this stuff both plain with the excess fat scraped off, or made into corned beef hash and fried into patties. I just bought a can today but was upset to find it has changed a lot from the product I knew for many years. I could barely choke a piece of it down. The texture has changed from having little shreds of recognizable meat to a solid pasty substance with no discernable pieces of meat. It also has a slight chemical taste and aroma that made me feel a little ill and I think I will have to throw the rest out. What happened to it ... Corporate profits?

              2. Corned beef {Hormel}is considered to be traveling food in my family, we would saute onions, garlic, and diced tomatoes in butter. add the corned beef and break it up with a spoon, when almost cooked through, add a tablespoon of katsup and hot sauce to taste.Make sandwiches with toasted or grilled hearty bread, hop in the car or boat and take a trip. Some how it always taste better when we're on another adventure. For an added treat add a bed of french fries to the sandwich.

                1. we use hereford. now and then i make corned beef the filipino way. saute onions and garlic, add chopped tomatoes, potatoes (diced really small), black pepper, and the corned beef until the potatoes are cooked. splash some maggi sauce in there and serve over rice.

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                    that sounds delicious! i've never been inspired to try canned corned beef, before, but now it looks like i'll have to.