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Hole in the wall places open after 2am

I am looking for hole in the wall places that are open at least until 2am. I long for those quick bite places that were really good when I was in college...But I wasn't in DC-so I ask?

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  1. Ben's chili bowl is open till 4 on the weekends

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      2nd Ben's. It's a late night DC institution

    2. I think Julia's Empanadas is open late on weekends.

      There are also a few places in Chinatown open real late. From what I hear this one restaurant (which one of course is slipping my mind) if you order "cold tea" you get beer in a tea pot :)

      1. Oohs and Aaahs was staying open late, with a special menu that included chicken n' waffles. Not sure if they're still doing this.

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          They are open until 4am on saturdays and have great greasy late night fare

        2. Not exactly great cuisine, but Mario's is open. I think I picked wrong last time I was there BF says the cold cuts are the best thing to get after a drunken night.

            1. Ravi Kabob in Ballston stays open late (either 2 or 3am). I am a huge fan of Ravi Kabob, but I've never been late at night. I am not sure if the menu is limited during off-peak hours. Their bone-in chicken kabob is great! And those spicy chick peas are heaven.

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                Oh Kabob Palace in Crystal city (which is similar to Ravi Kabob) is also very good and open either super late or 24 hrs. Mehran in Foggy Bottom is also in the same vein as Kabob Palace and Ravi but no where near as good, IMHO. Also open super late.

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                  Ravi Kabob is awesome they have one dish I just love, it is for two but you can always take the extra home too, it is the chicken one they serve in the pot oh it is so good. I forget the name.