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May 11, 2008 11:15 AM

The Brooklyn Pizza Factory...It's a Factory All Right.

I have tasted pizza at its worst. And it's called The Brooklyn Pizza Factory on 663 Vanderbilt Ave. In between the sugary crust and the tart and salty sauce my body can't decide whether to go in to diabetic shock or a high blood pressure stroke. Just lousy.

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  1. glad to hear, I won't bother trying it then. I can't understand why someone would open a pizza place here when there are plenty in the area. Oh well.

      1. May I add Bene Pizza to the lousy pizza roundup? My daughter and her friends ordered a couple of pies from there and they were just so bad: thick, tasteless crust, bland sauce, crappy cheese. Never again.

        1. Too many pizza joints and too many pieces of crap. Tortonno's in Coney Island is one of the best but you have to get there early to get a seat. The one in NYC is not as good. Some good pizza can be had at Arthur Ave in the Bronx. The problem is who wants to travel for a good pizza. I have to try Pappa Johns, can't be much worse than most of the stuff that's out there.

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            "I have to try Pappa Johns, can't be much worse than most of the stuff that's out there."
            Actually, it can... And it is.. Better to start checking out your neighborhood pizzarias. You may well find a pleasant surprise close to home and it's a good economic move to support neighborhood businesses. Although maybe not in other boros, in SI there are promotional flyers.for BOGO during the week, or BOGO 1/2 price.Last week, using a coupon, we had a large pie with a lg order of baked ziti, a lg house salad, and a 2 ltr bottle of soda delivered, for $18! It wasn't gourmet food, but it was pretty good and it fed 4 adults. Check the neighborhood papers or signs posted in the actual store to see if they offer anything like that in your area

          2. I bought a slice of pizza about 1/2 hour ago at the Brooklyn Pizza Factory. I'll consider the $3.75 I spent as a donation to Chowhound research. It was, in a word, awful. Are these people trying to lose money? Do they taste their own pizza? The sauce kind of tasted like aluminum, although I can't honestly say I know what real aluminum tastes like. Everything just sort of sat on top of the crust, ready to slide off. This is always a bad sign. End of research. No one else needs to waste money, or risk their digestive system.

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              Wow, this place is being panned on every blog/forum, etc. My big question is: how exactly does a place open up and be so bad from the get go? I have not gone to get a slide, and I don't see any reason to after everyone has called the pizza terrible, but it really makes me think.