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May 11, 2008 09:48 AM

Greenwich cheap lunch

I'll be working on Prospect St in Greenwich--near main train station--next week and am having difficulty thinking of reasonable (cheap ethnic?) lunch spots. Panda up on route one's not too far; anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. My friend works in Greenwich. She says cheap is McDonalds. Baxcar Cantina http://www.boxcarcantina.com/ and Little Thai Kitchen http://www.littlethaikitchen.com/ are both reasonable.

    1. vinnys..in port chester across st from kneaded bread

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        intrepid: I have been wondering about VINNY"S for years now, is the food really home cooking? What is good and why?

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          nbermas..go on a friday, get there 1145 am befor the crowds...they have lots of pasta specials...get one of them..good chow, cheap prices, hearty eats...

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            intrepid; How are there meatballs and chicken parm, and of course is it authentic gravy?

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        1. whole foods has got a sh!tload of prepared foods if you're looking to go the "grab and go" route

          1. Katzenburg's on the Ave has good salads, sandwiches.

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              not cheap, but I enjoy the crepes at Meli Melo. They have salads and sandwiches too! Fresh made soups and fruit juices.

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                Is Thataway Cafe still around the bottom of Greenwich Ave.?