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Greenwich cheap lunch

I'll be working on Prospect St in Greenwich--near main train station--next week and am having difficulty thinking of reasonable (cheap ethnic?) lunch spots. Panda up on route one's not too far; anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. My friend works in Greenwich. She says cheap is McDonalds. Baxcar Cantina http://www.boxcarcantina.com/ and Little Thai Kitchen http://www.littlethaikitchen.com/ are both reasonable.

    1. vinnys..in port chester across st from kneaded bread

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        intrepid: I have been wondering about VINNY"S for years now, is the food really home cooking? What is good and why?

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          nbermas..go on a friday, get there 1145 am befor the crowds...they have lots of pasta specials...get one of them..good chow, cheap prices, hearty eats...

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            intrepid; How are there meatballs and chicken parm, and of course is it authentic gravy?

      2. whole foods has got a sh!tload of prepared foods if you're looking to go the "grab and go" route

        1. Katzenburg's on the Ave has good salads, sandwiches.

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            not cheap, but I enjoy the crepes at Meli Melo. They have salads and sandwiches too! Fresh made soups and fruit juices.

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              Is Thataway Cafe still around the bottom of Greenwich Ave.?

          2. There's a pizza place across from Meli Melo. I can't remember the name of it?! In addition to pizza they have good salads, panini, even crab cakes which are really good and I'm VERY picky about my crabcakes. The prices are reasonable and you can just pick up vs. eating in. Does anyone else know the name of it?

            1. Wow, thanks for the help! I knew youse guys would come through. We ended up ordering out from Bella Cucina at the top of Hamilton--yummy panini. I think we'll try Boxcar Contina and Little Thai Kitchen when it's a little nicer weather to go out.

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                bella cucina is one of the faves in that area

              2. Pasta Vera at the top of Greenwich Ave is one of the cheaper lunches. Big portions and very good food. Though they took away the side salad with an entree orders its now extra.