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May 11, 2008 08:36 AM

Where can I buy salted capers in LA?

I love salted capers in my Salad Nicoise, and chicken piccata. They are way to expensive in the small jars at gourmet markets. Where can I buy them in bulk other than Italy? I got some last month at the Oakville Grocery in Healdsburg but they were so good that I ate them all. Thanks Chowhounders. jeffinPS

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    1. re: perk

      Yes, Costco. I couldn't believe anyone could use that many capers.

      1. re: monku

        Yea, it would fit the "monster amounts" category. I have to laugh at my big jar in the fridge. But they do keep for quite a while.

      2. re: perk

        I've only seen capers in liquid at costco not the salt packed ones

      3. Probably more expensive than Costco but I've seen them in large tubs at Bay Cities in Santa Monica. The tiny jars they sold were indeed very expensive but the cost of the large tub didn't seem outrageous for the amount you get.

        1. Roma's Italian Market in Pasadena has them. He sells them in little bags (~100 g), and his prices are good.

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          1. re: ladilettante

            Yes Roma Market! Run by 2 old guys from the old country. When I lived in Pasadena/San Marino it was my go to Italian market. If you not in the Pasadena area any Claro's will do.

          2. Any Italian market will have them -- Claro's and Bay Cities and Monte Carlo do for certain sure. I think Papa Christo's (whatever the "importing company" is) has them too, you can get them for mucho dinero at Gelson's, and you can buy obscenely large quantities of them at Costco.