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May 11, 2008 07:12 AM

Breakfast in or close by the French Quarter.

I’ve been going to the Coffee Pot and like it a lot, but I’d like some new suggestions, I like down-home cooking for breakfast, not Brennan's style of white tablecloth for breakfast.

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  1. Try Mother's,; hard to beat for a down home breakfast and character. If there's a line don't sweat it, it usually goes fast. If you are in Marigny try City Bakery at the corner of Chartres and Spain. Mostly locals and they have great omelets and baked goods. If you want to stay in the Quarter try Johnnny's Po Boys, I forget the street but should be easy to find on Google.

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    1. re: lmead

      Been to Mothers, I found that since they moved thay are not as good as they used to be

      But thanks for the other suggestions

      1. re: the queen

        What do you mean "since they moved"?

          1. re: Blumie

            That's what I mean. I didn't know they had ever moved.

      2. re: lmead

        by "City Bakery" i think you mean "NOLA Cakes". the owner took over La Spiga's old location, and is doing a helluva job! their "quiche-ssants" (quiche w/ croissant crust) are amazing -- really like the goat cheese + artichoke + mushroom.

        my new favorite king cake -- a savory goat cheese + apple, awesome & not too sweet.

        and a nice breakfast & lunch menu complete w/ sandwiches and crabmeat omelettes.

      3. Blue Plate Cafe on Prytania is great.

        1. I like Cafe Fleur de Lis at 307 Chartres ( Super cute and good for a basic breakfast.

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          1. re: hamsandwich

            I second Cafe Fleur de Lis, I love the place.

            1. re: hamsandwich

              Glad to see this, I was just about to post the same. Great place for breakfast. Simple and delicious.

              Also, La Boucherie Coffee house (339 Chartres St) does a *great* breakfast on Sat/Sun only (last I was there, anyway) - I didn't know they only did weekend breakfast, and that's how we ended up at Cafe Fleur de Lis - I love that about New Orleans!

            2. Refuel in the Riverbend area off Carrolton and Surrey's Juice Bar on Magazine are the two best in my opinion for a casual breakfast. Enjoy!

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              1. I've always enjoyed Petunia's Restaurant at 817 St. Louis. It's similar to the Coffee Pot.


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                1. re: Big Easy

                  I used to go to Petunia's also...KEY words are used to go.
                  I was there last year, and the key word there is LAST


                  1. re: the queen

                    I don't recall ever having a bad experience at Petunia's, but won't go back because I just won't wait in those lines.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      You won't be finding lines there any longer.
                      This place has really gone Doen Hill fast.
                      Their help is the reason. Snotty, rude and everything else that's negitive.
                      And the food was nothing to write home about either.
                      There are so many better choices.
                      I do admit it was very good at one time, but that time has past.........

                      1. re: the queen

                        I suspect you're wrong about the lines dying down. It's in enough guide books that those lines will last a real long time. And the service has always been "prissy." Nothing new there. The food, however, always was very good. I will admit to not having eaten there in quite a while because no matter how good the food, I just won't do those lines!

                        1. re: Blumie

                          I was just there in December, No lines at all, in fact the place was half empty in the heart of breakfast time. According to the service we experienced there should be anyone there at all.
                          And the Coffee Pot was full every day that we went there (3 times)
                          As for the guide books, forgetaboutit. I was there.

                          1. re: the queen

                            I happened to pass by, on my way to The Coffee Pot, during March, and there were minimal lines. I thought about stopping in, based on recs. from this board, but made my way a bit deeper into the FQ. Guess that it depends on the day of the week.


                  2. re: Big Easy

                    ...i thought Petunia's sucked, nothing special at all -- unless you like paying $19 for eggs benedict or breakfast crepes. whaaa?!

                    plus the service was pretty crappy last time i checked it out. went to Coffee Pot instead, far better experience and slightly less sticker shock.