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Oct 13, 2002 06:48 PM

Best waffles and/or pancakes

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I'm looking for really good belgian waffles and/or top-notch pancakes in the West LA or valley areas (tarzana, encino, sherman oaks, studio city areas). Any ideas?

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  1. You may want to try Dupars in Studio City for pancakes.

    1. A lot of the little coffee shops that close at 3pm make good pancakes and the price, along with eggs bacon and toast come to 5 bucks.

      1. The pancakes at DuPar's are fabulous (as is the french toast).

        1. I recommend Jinky's on Ventura Blvd in Van Nuys
          for good pancakes, this area, I don't think
          you can beat IHOP! They're always upgrading their menu
          with creative items.

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          1. re: Ralph

            Jinky's has never done it for me. After a really long wait to get a table and mediocre service, the food has to be really worth it for me to be impressed. They do make healthy omelettes, but I've never been as impressed with this place as my friends have.

            I must add on another note that I remembered having pretty decent pancakes at Campanile for a Sunday brunch menu.

            1. re: Ralph

              I challenge any chowhound to try the Country Griddle pancakes at IHOP (made with Cream of Wheat) and tell me that they aren't great ... or at least interesting!

              Aside: I think standard pancakes are one of those things that are as easy to make as they are unbeatable when made in the home -- like burgers.

            2. The original comment has been removed