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May 11, 2008 04:36 AM

Graduation Dinner Dupont/Penn Q

Our son graduates from GW next week and we need a not exorbitantly priced place for 6.
Here are the restaurants I am looking at
Cafe Atlantico
We have three generations going, and my parents in their 70's don't like places that are too noisy.

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  1. Central is noisy, at least on the weekends, so although the food is excellent I may save it for another evening when your parents are not with you. I think Oya is great choice because they have a variety of food and even offer a price fix menu of about $30 on certain selections if you wanted to keep the price down even further. I like the atmosphere of the restaurant and IMO it is pretty quiet and great for conversation. (I haven't been to the other two so you'll have to let other people give their opinions on those).

    1. Out of all the places you chose, Firefly is probably the most appropriate. It isn't overly noisy and since you have 6 people they will be able to give you one of the better tables (I feel the 2-tops are placed way to close to each other). The food is good and will appeal to all 3 generations.

      Cafe Atlantico is good but I would suggest a table on the top floor. I just held my bf's birthday dinner there last night and we sat all the way at the top and noise wasn't an issue at all. The food is quite good and it's a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

      I LOVE Central, but its certainly not quiet.

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        3rd floor @ cafe atlantico is a great idea.

      2. Oya and Firefly would be quieter although not the best foodwise of your choices, did you check who has reservations, there are some other places in that price range that might be better noise and food wise? But perhaps they didn't have open reservations.

        1. I think Oya is noisy and overrated. I love Cafe Atlantico and have never found it to be noisy. Do they still have lobster tail on their pre-theatre menu?

          1. I agree with the other posters that Central is lively and most of the tables are pretty close together, so it might not be the best for this specific celebration.

            I know this isn't on your original list, but another option may be PS7's, particularly because they have a fair amount of large booths, and I believe a section that can be semi-private (towards the back of the restaurant). Also, I thought of it because I've been a few times and it's never seemed particularly noisy whenever I've gone on the weekends.