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One night near route 85 in GA?

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Hi all

I will be driving up from New Orleans (where I live) to visit friends in NC on Sunday, May 25th. A good stopover point turns out to be the Atlanta area. Unfortunately the one restaurant I really wanted to go to has no dinner menu on Sundays and is closed on Memorial Day (Watershed in Decatur).

Can someone suggest a really memorable place for dinner on Sunday night May 25th? Entrees should be not more than $28-30 per plate. Areas that are OK: pretty much any place that is about 6-7 hours up highway 85 from New Orleans... a rural location is fine, Atlanta is fine, Decatur is fine...a friend told me about Helen GA but I have no idea where to eat there... but really anyplace is great. We are very adventurous (however it needs to be someplace we would not be murdered or harassed because we are lesbians). And if you know a really amazing middle-of-nowhere southern cooking, barbq, or any other type of place that is great too. It doesn't have to be high end, but it can be. I like all good food at any price.

In terms of high end, I tend to like places that use local ingredients. If it's not high end, I like everything from barbq to chicken fried steak to homemade peach pie. No dietary restrictions.

Extra bonus if you know a place to stay for the night near your suggested restaurant for not much more than $100 a night (not chowhound's purpose, I know).

So, I am excited to hear your suggestions!


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  1. Do you mean I-85? Routes, highways, and interstates are all different things. Your thread title might get you fewer replies than if you were more clear...

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      Thanks, I can re-post. I guess where and when I grew up, we always said "route x" for any highway with a number.

      I'll try again.