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May 11, 2008 03:12 AM

[Cheshire, Wilmslow] Cheshire Smokehouse

My local “specialist food shop”.

A good range of the usual suspects in the jam, pickle, chutney ranges – Demels, Tracklements and the like. But you visit for their smoked-on-the premises items…..notably salmon and haddock. There are top class and I wouldn’t buy smoked haddock from anywhere else.

I like the bacon – several different cures (smoked or green) and usually available as back, middle or streaky. The “Wilmslow Porky” sausages are a perfect thick breakfast sausage

They also have the most fab smoked nuts – a mix of cashew and almonds being my favourite. They now market these around the country packaged as “Real Smoked Nuts”.

Reasonable range of cheeses – although all are pre-packaged. As are the sliced hams and so on. Fresh local meat is also always available (although Monday is a bad day to visit as it’s the butcher’s day off and stocks can be low). The free-range pork is particularly good and not too breathtakingly expensive.

Oh, yes – and they have a caff, serving smokehouse produce. And a wine department and bakery.

I never seem to be able to visit and get away with spending less than fifty quid – even if I went intending only to get some olives.


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  1. Am I right in thinking this is near Mobberley? Mr GG's best mate lives there and I think he raves about this place too. He's Cheadle-bound tomorrow so I might ask him to pick up some supplies.

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    1. re: greedygirl


      Drive from Wilmslow towards what Mr GG will know as the "airport tunnel road" and turn left at a new pub (can't recall its name - think it used to be a care home sort of place) to Mobberley. It's at the bottom of that road before a T junction where you'd turn right to Mobberley.

      Let me know what you think of any supplies.


      1. re: Harters

        its a bit pricey and not particularly inventive.

        the wine is well overpriced.

        whilst the bacon is OK its not as far as i am aware outdoor reared, unlike Sainsbury Taste the Difference

        the chicken is farm assured which means intensive production, better to visit wild at heart

        the fruit and veg in neither organic or particularly good , better to visit the unicorn

        the chocolate is expensive and nearly out of date, better to eat Divine.

        i would suggest a visit to chorlton where you can buy the smokehouse bacon in the barbakan, the chicken at wild at heart or even out of the blue which has french corn fed birds. and then shop the other chorlton delis & the unicorn much better and genuinely part of a local community.

        amazingly, ASDA have an extra special wild alaskan salmon which is MSC certified and 2 x 120g for £5. and tastes really good.