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May 10, 2008 10:23 PM

2008 Peaches are here, too.

But the exclamation point on my keyboard doesn't work.

True, Kashiwase Farms had something called "Early Snow" peaches at the FPFM today. Smallish, but ripe and not sickeningly sweet.

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  1. ... and apricots !!!

    These were actually good for early season apricots. One stand had some lovely rhubarb too.

    I needed that first hit of summer after the winter of my vegital discontent.

    1. I'm on the lookout for Cal Red Peaches, as they only seem to be available for a short time each year... anyone seen 'em around yet?

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      1. re: courtneyp

        They are much later. Try late June at the earliest.

        1. re: courtneyp

          Cal Reds are in season now! frog hollow farm definitely has them now.

          1. re: dixieday2

            Yes! I just bought some at the Tuesday Farmer's Market. I am indeed happy.

        2. Well, peach season is in full swing now and actually Kashiwase Farms does have some peaches that hare not just all sweetness ... so you people who are anti-sweet peach might have a point. Some of the varieties that had a nice balance were White Lady, Earliche, Flavor Supreme, Country Sweet (that was a really nice peach), Honey Blaze (there was another Honey peach that was just sweet),

          Of course the winner of the peach vendors was Guru Ram Das Orchards. Don't know the varieties ... only that they are picked at perfect ripeness and are lush, juicy, peachy goodness.

          1. I'm working my way through a flat of Red Havens I bought from Ram Das last Tuesday.

            They have small quantities of good white peaches too, I forget the variety. Not white Babcock, still waiting for those.

            Here's a list of all their varieties:


            1. Surprisingly, FoodCo is selling some decent peaches ... 48 cents a pound. Don't know if this ends today or tomorrow. If you are a fan of an acidic peach, this is it. I picked up a few not expecting much, but they ripened very nicely and had a good peach flavor