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May 10, 2008 09:13 PM

TJ's mini peanut butter cups

Have you seen these? They have that miniaturization cuteness thing going on--they're tiny. I bought them thinking about baking them into peanut butter cookies (chewy ones, like when you replace half the butter in chocolate chip cookie dough with PB) but I'm worried they'll just melt in the heat and not remain semi-intact as peanut butter cups.

Has anyone tried baking with these? Are they too waxy to put into homemade chocolate ice cream? I think these must have serious fun dessert potential...

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  1. I was at a potluck where someone brought cookies with these subbed for plain choco chips, and they tasted just fine to me. They did get gooshy in the oven and looked like brown/beige blobs rather than staying completely intact, with the PB completely enclosed. Have no idea how they'd behave in an ice cream recipe.

    1. i have used them in place of chocolate chips in a cookie recipe, with no tweaking and they worked fine.