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Is Rokeach still making Nyafat?

I've been looking for onion flavored nyafat and have heard that it is no longer available. I'm in Northern NJ. Does anyone know if this is true or where I can find it?

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  1. I found the natural Nyafat online at Kosher Coop, but not the onion flavor. Have you tried calling the Kosher Supermarket at Shopper's Haven in Monsey, or Wesley Kosher in Wesley Hills? I don't use the product, though I do most of my food shopping at those two stores. Rokeach was bought by RAB Food Groups. The web site is : http://www.rabfoodgroup.com/ The page for Rokeach is "under construction, however there is a phone number and/or an email address to contact them. Perhaps they can answer your question directly!

    BTW - I am looking for a kosher sherry vinegar and cannot find one. Any help is appreciated!

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      I have never seen kosher sherry vinegar although runor has it that there will be one made by Todd Aarons formely of Mosaica now chef in CA of Herzog wine cellars

    2. i am 99.99% certain that it can be found at the Shop Rite in Elizabeth NJ

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        i was there monday night, and i was shocked. there was NO nyafat there

      2. I actually called RAB the other day, they own Rokeach, Manischewitz, Horowitz, Seasons, etc. and the woman told me they discontinued Nyafat about a year ago. I asked why and she said she wasn't sure but it was a product that was outsourced and perhaps they no longer chose to make it. There goes my matzo bries.

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          Curious that I found it online. An outdated page? Last of stock that is not expired (quick, order it!) I wonder if enough people began requesting the product if they would begin manufacturing it, or something similar, again? Perhaps there is something similar - (you've probably looked already!). I'll check out Shopper's Haven next time I'm there.

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            They sell it in the kosher section of the Key Foods around the corner from me. Check supermarkets in non-Jewish areas.

          2. What exactly is Nyafat? Is it possible that it's something full of transfats and the manufacturer has stopped making it because of the transfat issues? It's getting harder and harder to sell stuff with transfats; people are really trying to avoid them.

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              I'm sure that it's full of transfats- it's a vegetable substitute for shmaltz, essentially.

              Mind you, I've never used nyafat in a dairy recipe, and I prefer shmaltz anyways. But I can see it being an issue for some people out there.

            2. I just posted about possible substitutes for Nyafat on by blog: http://kitchenhacker.net/content/nyaf...

              The rundown of options:
              - Use chicken schmaltz
              - Make your own vegetarian schmaltz
              - Find a product that sounds pretty similar

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                Earth Balance makes pretty darn good shortening sticks now. You could probably infuse it with sauteed onions somehow.

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                  Sorry about the late response to this topic. I haven't been able to find nyafat here in Houston for several years and have basically given up looking for it.

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                          u rock!
                          i walked around mountain fruit abt a billion times before i finally found it, but jackpot!

              2. It's available in Toronto (plain and onion), so I suspect it's still around somewhere in your area. Why you want to use it is another matter, though.

                It's just a hydrogenated vegetable shortening with lots of transfats. There's a great little recipe for olive oil schmaltz in a cookbook called The Gefilte Variations. Memory eludes me as to the specific quantities, but it's just a couple of cups of salted, well drained onions, cooked very gently in olive oil for about an hour and then blended.

                Looks like schmaltz, tastes much better than Nyafat, and healthier too.

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                  That is what I have basically done. I have started using olive oil in place of nyafat and it works just fine.

                2. I started this thread but the olive oil intigues me. Also, for a matzoh brie, what's the opinions of frying it on olive oil and adding onion powder to the pre fried mixture. Question is, how much onion powder to garner the same taste?

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                    I don't think onion powder would work. The long, gently fried onions are what make this recipe. They provide texture and a sweet onion flavour. Sprinkling with onion powder will just give you onion powder flavoured matzo brie. YMMV, of course :-)

                  2. McCaffrey's in Princeton, NJ has onion flavored Nyafat. There were about 20 jars on the shelf.