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May 10, 2008 09:02 PM

Canadian Bacon [moved from L.A. board]

Ok, I feel really, REALLY stupid, but since I'm paranoid about food-borne illnesses (don't ask why), I have to ask: assuming the canadian bacon you purchased from the store is "fully cooked," it's safe to eat without reheating it, right? I would assume yes, but thought I'd double-check, just in case. (I would like to use it in lunch wraps, but don't want to fry it up every morning.)


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  1. Canadian bacon is more like ham than it is bacon and you can eat it without reheating as you would ham for a ham sandwich. When I was a kid I remember visiting the Oscar Meyer plant and they let us sample raw bacon saying that the curing and smoking process makes it safe to eat. Too young to remember what it was chewing on a bunch of fat.

    1. Second the notion if it makes you feel better. It's safe to eat without reheating.

      1. I'm Canadian and it sounds like what you are talking about is an American idea of "Canadian bacon". Go here for more info:

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          I always get a kick out of American's using the term "Canadian Bacon".


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            You're right....forgot to use the word "style".....Canadian Style Bacon.

        2. Few foods can be guaranteed sompletely safe, but it's certainly safer than driving to the supermarket.

          1. Ok, thanks. I definitely feel better! :D

            And yeah, it's probably not actual "Canadian" bacon, but since I've not been to Canada, all I've got to go by is what's on the package - which leaves out the word "style," and dubs it "Canadian Bacon."