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May 10, 2008 07:54 PM

Where to find good Peking Duck?

Any recommendations for where I can find great Peking Duck? (Other than The Peking Duck House; it's a bit fatty there)

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  1. I like the one at Chin Chin, though I'm no Peking Duck expert. If I recall correctly, the fat layer is removed from the skin.

    1. Tse Yang, hands down. The most perfectly-textured pancake envelopes divine hoisin, crunchy scallion and several thin layers of crisp skin. No fat, no meat and not a trace of grease. I have been eating this dish there (and only there) since I was a teenager. We request that the meat be prepared lo mein. They will do whatever you want with it.

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        I'd forgotten about Tse Yang - I agree - it's amazing - expensive, but amazing. I recall being less interested in their other dishes.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Well, Tse Yang outings have a set menu with my family. We order (for the whole table) as follows:
          a pot of tea
          autumn rolls
          spring rolls
          spare ribs
          steamed vegetable dumpling
          fried pork dumpling
          peking duck
          orange flavor beef (the best and only entree we order off the menu)
          a custom chicken dish (usually spicy and with cashews)
          custom duck meat preparation (usually lo mein)
          fluffy white rice with peas, ham and egg
          baby bok choy or other seasonal green vegetable

          I really enjoy the tableside service. It may seem like a lot of food, but the pieces are quite diminutive, and I have never left feeling stuffed. it is expensive, but I also think that the quality of the service, method of preparation, and the gorgeous dining room are worth it.

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            Thanks - next time we go I'll try some of the dishes you mention - my in-laws love going there (and do treat!).

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              Wow.. sounds really yummy. Does Tse Yang have a dress code? For men, is jacket and tie required? I would like to check it out one day but I don't want to show up dressed inappropriately.

              1. re: bearmi

                Tse Yang is very upscale in decor, with two distinct categories of clientele: local business suits at lunch, smart casual couples, families and celebrities in the evening. FYI: being in the center of corporate midtown, it's bustling in the daytime and very low-key at night, and we have never needed a reservation for dinner.

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                  Thanks. I will keep that in mind.

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            I looked at the menu for Tse Yang on and it looks great.

            Their chef's special dinners REALLY look good.

            1. re: Scagnetti

              I haven't looked at the menu in a very long time. But if nothing else, the peking duck and the orange flavored beef are *musts*.

          3. If you willing to go to Brooklyn, I highly recommend Ming's in the Sheepshead Bay area on Avenue U near Ocean Ave. Just had it yesterday, and IMHO, it's the best in NYC! It's served as 2 courses.