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May 10, 2008 07:37 PM

gluten free / veggie in New Orleans??

Hey locals,

I know I'm going to really have to stray from the traditional eats but ..

I'm celiac *and* vegetarian (dairy ok; seafood not) and in New Orleans for work for six weeks. Help!!

So far, I have been able to modify a salad here, eat a baked potato there. And thankfully I love red beans and rice .. but I'm scared of hidden flour. Do I have other options?

Can anyone point me to maybe a jazzy veggie-friendly place where the waitstaff will at least know what gluten is?

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  1. Try Stop 9 on St Charles Ave
    Friday, I had a talk about vegan friends with one of the chefs.

    She assured me that there are lots of things folks with special diets could be served.
    Sorry, I don't have their info handy.

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      Ooh, never heard of this, always an exciting thing. Where on St. Charles??

      1. re: swampsue

        At streetcar stop #9, corner of St. Charles & Melpomene/MLK, in the old Taqueros/Coyoacan location.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Thanks, will have to peek in. Does anyone know anything more about this new(ish) arrival, and has anyone tried it out?

          1. re: swampsue

            Haven't tried it. Here's the "Quick Bites" item from last Friday's Times Pic:

            "Before the great post-Katrina taco truck and taqueria invasion, Guillermo Peters held the attention of most locals interested in south of the border cooking. First with Taqueros, then the expanded Taqueros & Coyoacan, Peters was the city's foremost practitioner of serious and upscale Mexican cooking.

            The chef's restaurant struggled after the storm, and last fall he closed it, hoping to reopen in another market. But he and his daughter/partner Ingrid Peters Thomas have recently returned to the old Taqueros property on St. Charles Avenue.

            Peters has a flair for business plans with multiple chapters -- running at full-strength, Taqueros & Coyoacan had a taqueria downstairs and a completely different, upscale restaurant on the second floor -- and the new concept doesn't disappoint.

            His Stop 9 Refueling Station & Culinary Specialties -- the name refers to its location at stop 9 of the St. Charles streetcar line -- is a combination store and cafe that also serves prepared meals for takeout. The second floor is a banquet hall and catering space.

            For sale you'll find the chef's signature line of chile and seasoning blends alongside imported and domestic pantry items.

            And the cafe is not just about the chef's Mexican heritage. It serves gelato, snowballs and espresso, and curry vegetables over basmati rice was a recent special.

            Stop 9 Refueling Station & Culinary Specialties is at 1432 St. Charles Ave., (504) 267-3028. Go to for more information. "

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            Thanks, will have to peek in. Does anyone know anything more about this new(ish) arrival, and has anyone tried it out? I found it's website--

      2. Search this board for a recent celiac thread. The celiac part isn't hard, it's the vegetarian part that can be difficult. Try vietnamese food--most viet places offer a vegetarian dish or two, and the prevalence of rice & rice noodles in viet cuisine makes the non-gluten part a little easier.

        1. If you're in the delivery area, check out It's good stuff and they should be able to hook you up.

          There was a great vegetarian restaurant in the quarter that I knew when I worked at the hotel, but I can't remember its name. I'll see if I can look it up.

          1. I wonder if Bennachin on Royal in the Quarter might work. Their Sauteed Spinach with Coconut Rice is absolutely delicious, as is their redbean soup. I would be very careful to talk to the ladies in the back, the cooks (you can see them from your seat) to ensure there was no flour in the dishes. Praline Connection in the Marigny might have some different types of bean and green dishes that were gluten-free, but again, I would carefully ask. Most restaurants have a hard enough time getting their head around the idea that vegitarian means no chicken stock and no "that's just seasoning" fat-back.

            1. thanks, all .. between your replies and some advice from locals, I'll definitely be eating better.

              extra special thanks for the gf pizza place tip!! xoxoxo
              (those reading quickly or confused: the w h pizza - mentioned above - hampson location offers gf pizza. more details:


              i think i would kill someone for a slice of pizza. you may have just saved some poor sot's life.

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                Don't forget Whole Foods. I tried some Gluten free beer and rice crackers at BeerFest at Whole Foods in Metairie this weekend and it was delish. There is also an uptown location on Magazine.

                And don't get your hopes up about the pizza at WHP. I though it was pretty bad.