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May 10, 2008 07:11 PM

Le Local in Old Montreal

Le Local on William st. in Old MTL opened last week and I tried it tonight. The chefs are Alexandre Gosselin (Simplechic, O Chalet) and Louis-Francois Marcotte (SimpIechic, Le gout de Louis). I brought my parents for mother`s day and we were very impressed with this place. First, the decor is gorgeous, the furniture is comfortable and the music not too loud. I got a bit scared when we got there because it looked like a shishi place where people start dancing on your table before you even finish eating (example:Garde-Manger). The service was very friendly and personalized. The sommelier proposed a really nice wine and didn`t try to sell me the most expensive stuff. As a starter, I had escargot with mushrooms, garlic gnocchi in a bordelaise sauce. Hubby had crab cakes with a curry sauce and they were delicious. My parents had some king of barbecued chicken thigh with grilled calamari(can`t remember what they called it) and this was the best appetizer we tried. Then, my mom and I had braised beef with a parsnip puree. The beef had a crispy outside but was so tender inside, I never used my knife. My BF had a shrimp risotto with Isle aux grues cheddar, very tasty, in fact he inhaled it in 30 seconds... My dad had mackerel cooked with chorizo with an orange sauce. very nice. We then ordered deserts and before they arrived, we were served a "pre-dessert"(!) which consisted of a raspberry puree, mint gelato with homemade cracker jacks. I know, sounds weird but the mix was very interesting and made sense. I finished my meal with a lavender creme brulee served with chocolate shortbread cookies, hubby had a valronha chocolate cake with apple sauce and chocolate mousse and my dad had a lemon and ginger pie served with melon ice cream. I have a sweet tooth but am also very picky when it comes to dessert and I was not disappointed with what we tried, everything was so tasty and delicious. All this came up to about 60$/ person including wine and coffee/tea. Hopefully, the food and service will always be this great. We need a place like this in my neighborhood...This will be my new hangout, hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. BTW, I was told they were opened for lunch. They also have a nice terrace and they have a huge bar and lounge for 5 a 7 in the front.

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  1. Do you have a more specific address for Le Local? Thanks

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      According to

      Le Local
      700 William
      Montréal, QC H3C 1P1

    2. Thanks for the great report Isa1! Crab cakes sound very tempting, and I like the idea of a lunch menu.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. This sounds like my kind of resto! Do you think it is kid-friendly? I don't mean the menu (our kid will eat anything), but the atmosphere?

          1. The exact address is 740 William. Great great menu. Too bad there weren't any tasting menu 'cause I wanted to try everything. Took the venison tartare. Very good. Then the crabcake, good. Then the Tartiflette du Lendemain de veille with smoke meat, foie gras on it... pretty decadent! So food is very very good. But, there is 2 BUT:
            1) Their terrace is right in front of a parking lot which doesn't look appealing at all. 2) It is located far from everything so if you don't have a car or don't live in the neighborhood, it is not easy getting there.

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              it is a 5 minute walk from Square Victoria metro