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May 10, 2008 06:51 PM

Help with meal suggestions while visiting Austin, near 6th St.

I'm getting 15-20 of my friends together from NY and LA for a 3 day/night trip to Austin in September. I would appreciate your help in picking where we should eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for a large. Breakfast and lunches should be your picks of the Austin's best brunch and lunch spots. I'm assuming bbq like Stubs or Salt Lick for lunch. I was hoping for a good Austin dinner spot that isn't too expensive ($30 and under entrees), that can hold our group (maybe pre-fix menu). Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

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  1. Starlite has a wonderful brunch on Sundays, starting at 11. My new favorite place downtown is parkside, on 6th and San Jacinto. It can be as expensive or reasonable as you'd like. They have gourmet burgers and sandwiches (I had the most amazing pork belly BLT tonight (who knew I liked pork belly?), and my husband had an excellent chicken sandwhich). They also have a raw bar with the best oysters in the city and great sashimi, and small plates that are exquisite (crab fritters, pate, an onion goat cheese tart and these incredibly tasty short ribs). I cannot say enough good things about this place. With a group of that size, you should call for reservations, but that's probably true of wherever you eat for dinner. There aren't many pre-fix menus in the city, at least for the more reasonably priced restaurants. Salt Lick is a great place with a good local atmosphere, if you don't mind making the drive out to Driftwood. Katz' Deli on West 6th has a good breakfast, too, and they're open 24 hours.