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May 10, 2008 06:02 PM

The Mother's Day Lunch Challenge in Mississauga/Oakville... please help!

I somehow convinced the folks to come into the city (Chinatown) this year for Mother's Day Brunch, and much to my shock, they agreed. The next day however, they came to their senses and quickly backed out, using their usual complaints about the drive, the lack of parking, the parking ticket they got 20 years ago, walking up stairs to get to the restaurant, and how they never know what they're eating when they go out with me. So they thought they'd be really clever and suggest a compromise - the Mandarin Buffet in Oakville. Sigh...

Realizing I wasn't going to win this time, I gave in and agreed. Well, Mother doesn't believe in making reservations, and the restaurant is full and we're out of luck.

Does anyone have any decent, mainstream restaurant suggestions for my very mainstream folks for Mother's Day lunch. It can't be too expensive (as in must be CHEAP) or ethnic - it must be very traditional and very Mandarin-ish - lots of free white bread in baskets. Put it this way, their favourite restaurants are Swiss Chalet and Red Lobster, but I draw the line when it comes to Red Lobster. Thank you.

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  1. so go to Swiss Chalet. Just kidding, lol. You're in trouble. Swiss Chalet and everywhere, chow-worthy or not, will be busy tomorrow.

    How about Moe's Southwest Grill, cheap and the food's not bad for a chain. Too ethnic?

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      Since they like Red Lobster, why not try one of the Lucy's Seafood kitchen. The food and service is much better. There is one on dundas and winston churchill.

    2. i'm a downtowner and just today was dragged out to oakville. we had brunch at stoney's bread company. apparently it's quite popular. they have sandwiches, salads, crepes, etc. as the name suggests they bake their own bread. they're also famous for their house smoked salmon and trout. my sister had a smoked trout salad. it was quite a plateful and looked pretty good. i had a chicken sandwich with carmalized apples and brie. not bad. the ordering is weird in that it looks like it is a full table service type place, but you order at the counter and then they bring the food to you. found this link to their menu which seems outdated but you'll get the idea:

      1. so, Moimoi.... where did you end up? and how did it go?

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          Swiss Chalet... I had no choice... sigh....

          Mom got a Mother's Day card with several Swiss Chalet coupons... Needless to say, she was ecstatic. From a marketing perspective, I did think it was a great promotion.

          I got a free refill of Diet Coke, and my mother had to remind me AGAIN that Coke will rot my stomach... She knows this because she told me for the 500th time that my uncle spilled Coke on his car and it stripped the paint off. Other than that, and the fact that she wouldn't let me order dessert because she wanted to have tea and cookies at her place...

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            whatever makes Mom happy! My mum has always been a great cook. She would have insisted on cooking Mother's Day dinner for the whole extended family. But she's now a little old grandma who's recently suffered a heart attack. We ended up getting Mandarin delivered. Sometimes it's not about the food.