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May 10, 2008 05:43 PM

How to clean a metal box grater.

I have a handheld metal box grater I didn't wash right after using and now it's full of stuck-on, dried potato pulp. Soaking in hot water isn't effective by itself, and scrubbing just leaves me with grated sponge bits mixed in with the potato mess.

Can my grater be saved? Next time I'll take the time to drag out the food processor.

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  1. How about trying a hard bristled toothbrush or some other brush to clean it?

    1. Have you tried running it through the dishwasher? If that doesn't work, try some hot water with some Cascade and soak it for a while. That should do the trick.

        1. Soak it in vinegar, or hot water with baking soda added. Then wash sideways with a scrubbie.

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            Try boiling water with bacon soda added. This is how the food service industry cleans their commercial deep fryers for grease build-up.

            I would take your largest stock pot and boil the grater for a 10-15 minutes, turn off the heat and cover tightly. The residue should come off easily with a rinse and light brush scrubbing, if it has not already.

            1. re: fourunder

              Thanks, all! I went to Lowe's for some tools the other day and found myself with a Cuisinart Mini-Prep in my cart (and 20% off, at that!). The grater's still in the dishwater. :)