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May 10, 2008 05:32 PM

Going to Cactus

I know I know - people might not consider this high brow enough, but what are people's latest opinions on the old Cactus in Madison Park. The last time I was here I had their fried chicken it was wonderful. Other times I've been there it was so - so. I've seen Bill Gates there 2 or 3 times. What are people's latest opinions?

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  1. The new menu they came up with at the beginning of the year rocks imo. No one ever talks about it here yet its always busy, always.

    1. My only experience has been with the Cactus in Kirkland and it's mediocre at best. Based upon at least five visits for dinner, I find the place loud, expensive and average in the food category. And I think I'm being generous with the "average" rating. Lots of better places to go IMO.

      1. I think Cactus is good...with two dishes that are GREAT. First, the Nachos with schredded chicken is fantastic. The other dish I get quite frequently is their butternut squash enchiladas, but with an addition. Ask them to add carnitas to the enchilada and the salty flavors balance perfectly with the sweet butternut squash. Enjoy!

        1. I like the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere. I agree it's not a "foodie" destination but the meals are good and the margaritas are great. If it were less crowded, I would definitely go more often so they must be doing something right.

          1. Their smoked chicken quesadilla is my beloved dish. I've also been quite happy with their chorizo chimichanga and their chicken fajitas. Everything covered with their salsa. And downed with a Cactus margarita. Or two.