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May 10, 2008 05:21 PM

Taco trucks... new law have any effect?

I recently got back from an overseas trip, and I saw on the Bandini's taco blog that there was a law passed making it illegal for taco trucks to park in a spot for more than an hour. Does anyone know if this law is having an effect on the taco trucks around LA? ie, are the trucks ignoring the law or are they moving around or not showing up at all? I live on the westside, and alot of the good taco trucks are a good drive, so it would be nice to know if the truck is going to be there before fighting LA traffic to get there...


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  1. The new law only applies to unincorporated areas such as Marina del Rey or East L.A., so I think the trucks in those areas are being extra careful to keep moving and not have to pay the higher fine.
    The same law has always applied to all other areas of the city, like Echo Park, Boyle Heights or Highland Park, but the fine is much lower so some of them don't mind getting it to stay in one place longer.
    I haven't heard that it is causing any trucks to not show up at all, but I noticed the truck at Sunset and Logan moved across Sunset while we were there Saturday night, and that's within the city of L.A., so perhaps they are being more cautious.

    1. The Taco Zone truck on Alvarado near Sunset was not parked on Alvarado as usual but inside Von's parking lot on Friday...same spot, but on the other side of the chain-link fence...first time I've seen it there.