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May 10, 2008 04:41 PM

Stevens Steak House

Has anyone tried this place? I think it is off of the 5 around the Citadel Outlets. I wanted some opinions before I went.

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  1. Last time I ate at Stevens Steakhouse was in 1990. It was a time capsule back then and I'm sure they haven't touched the place with renovations. My eight year-old palate thought it was decent but I would much rather go around the corner to the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera. Better quality steaks...same time warp decor.

    1. I'd say its a step below Taylors Steakhouse and a small step above Edwards Steakhouse. Only times I've been there were for banquets and steak was served. Years ago they were known for their huge prime rib, but I never had it so I can't vouch for it.

      1. Stevens is a step back in time. The prime rib is supposedly sourced at the same place that Lawry's gets theirs. In any case, it is always top notch. Their large cut is massive, about two pounds including the bone. Comes with sides too.

        I rarely have anything else there, but on two occassions i remember having liver and onions for lunch (well prepared) and halibut (suprisingly good) on another evening.

        Go for the prime rib!!!!! For the old timers, it reminds me of Tractons and the Buggywhip, but at a little more reasonable price.

        1. Ive been there a few times for business. I agree with the above. Steak and fish are good, service is good, sides are good.

          But nothing special.