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May 10, 2008 04:10 PM

Question About 3 Monkeys - St. Louis

I'm hearing some decent things about 3 Monkeys Sunday brunch. I read Joe B's review which seemed to report an okay dining experience but no notes on the brunch. Can anybody weigh in here with some details? Many thanks.

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  1. Hey DetectDave! I really wanted to like 3 Monkeys, but initally I wasn't impressed. My opinion of the place has gone up, though. We tried it for breakfast once and lunch two times, and while the food was plentiful and attractively presented, it all had a kind of 'food service' blandness to it. The bacon was that nasty, thin, cardboard stuff, the butter was margarine... HOWEVER, I have to say that they are improving with each visit I make. The Sunday brunch is a bit pricey at about 13 bucks, but the buffet features plenty of stuff that justifies the cost....both times that we did a Sunday brunch they have had a meat-heavy selection...okay, let me think. They have the obligatory omelet station, which is just fine, with a decent selection of fillings, and all the usual brunch buffet suspects, with usually several offerings from their barbeque meats...on one Sunday, the sticky barbequed turkey wings were incredible, another time they offered tasty pork ribs. And I'm happy to report that last time I was there, they had discarded the strips-of-cardboard bacon and replaced it with a much tastier, thick-cut bacon. (Bacon is important to me....) They usually have a pile of boiled shrimp, some salads, and a good selection of desserts, some of which look a little commercial (slices of pie & cake) and some house-made, as well. All in all, I think they are doing a good job, and are improving as they go along. I appreciate that they are taking suggestions and ramping up their offerings, and I think they will probably become one of our regular choices. The service seems spotty, as if a few of the servers might be inexperienced, but friendly, and if they forget your coffee spoon you can usually flag someone down, and there a couple of what seem to be more seasoned servers floating around the room keeping an eye on things. The room is just beautiful, and I love what they've done with the building, BUT... I HATE the seating. Just HATE It. (Have I mentioned I hate it?) The tables are counter height, with stools. There just doesn't seem to be anywhere to put your feet, you kind of hunch at your table with your feet dangling, and there are too many tables in the room, leading to some of the tables being shoved against the wall with everyone seated there staring at the wall....very odd, it makes me feel like we're filming a sitcom, with the camera mounted on the fourth wall. I don't know if the person who chose the seating was 6 feet 5 inches tall and it seemed just fine to him, or if they just got a great deal on all that furniture, but when I had breakfast there with a large group, most of the men thought it was only okay, and most of the woman were very uncomfortable. They are expanding into the space next door, and I am hoping that they will offer something other than the counter-height dining in the new space.
    As for the rest of the day, the pizza is very good, and the barbeque options are consistently very, very good. We ordered a salad with some of the meat in it, and it fact, I'm wondering now if there's a way to get the barbeque on the may see me there this week. All in all, what they do well (the pizza, the barbeque) they do very well, and the stuff that was kind of blah seems to be improving.
    Just chairs?

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      Thank you much for the information and review. I will definitely give them a try.

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        I know this is very old. Curious if you ever tried them and especially if you have been in recent times.


    2. 3 Monkeys has a great brunch, a little pricey but the food is fantastic.