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May 10, 2008 03:18 PM

Place for some good late night ice cream?

Hey just wondering if there's anywhere u guys would recommend for ice cream after 10pm somewhere near melrose/hollywoodish/la/ktown area.


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  1. I think Scoops is open late.

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    1. re: sku

      Scoops is generally not open super late - they usually close around 9 or 10, and sometimes sooner if they run out of ice cream. You will get bottom of the barrel scrapings from about 8:30 on.

      I prefer the food and funk of Scoops, but can recommend Pazzo Getalo in Silverlake for your late night needs.

      Pazzo Gelateria
      3827 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

      1. re: scurvy

        I think Milk on Beverly Blvd (few blocks west of La Brea) is open fairly late on weekend nights--11, I believe

    2. Wouldn't Mashti Malone's be open at that hour?

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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        I think they are open late, and they have fabulous ice cream. I recommend the saffron/rosewater/pistachio one.

      2. MILK! Their Thai Iced Tea Iced Cream is such a good idea and so well executed. Thaiscream!

        And, they do a tres leches that is pretty good too if you go for that sort of thing.