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Quail Eggs

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Does anyone know where I can buy quail eggs?

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  1. I have seen them at the Reliable Market and Savenor's, Cambridge. Both packaged in a 4-pack.

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        Yup, they always seem to have them at Super 88 or any of the Asian grocers in Chinatown

      2. I saw them recently at some I think Brazilian market in the Allston/Brighton area - near Bazaar..

        1. I just got them last week at The Porter Exchange in Porter Square Cambridge. There is an Asian food store there, I forget the name. Just ask any clerk there for them. They are all very helpful. A mini carton of 8 egges was like $1.99

          1. I'm pretty sure you can also find them at Russo's

            1. In addition, I saw them at Formaggio on Saturday.

              1. russo's usually has them

                1. If the original poster is in the Woburn area, there maybe some closer recommendations. China Merchandise in Burlington was out when I went by, but said they should have them in soon. The Brazilian market on Rt 38 between Woburn and Winchester just changed hands and has increased their market selection. The last time I was in they did have quail eggs, but that was a couple of weeks ago (I don't have a number handy to call). If they do not have it, right in the center there is a Butcher that is another good possibility. And compared to some of these suggestions, Lowell might be a quick ride for you and there are a number of Asian markets there which would probably offer them (the NE board could provide more specific suggestions than I).