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May 10, 2008 03:08 PM

Groovy place for a b-day partin in Shoreditch/Clerkenwell?

Looking for recommendations please - trying to organise a birthday party for about 40 people someplace with good food and drinks.

The idea is to have an extended cocktail party - with grazing opportunities, so small plates and great snacks would do just fine.

I was thinking of the Light Bar becasue they have a roof deck, but they won't allow private room hire on Fridays or Saturdays.

Any great ideas?


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    1. Dusk bar in Farringdon/Clerkenwell is cool - nice drinks etc.
      There's a Moroccan place opposite Smithfields meat market I've heard good things about.

      1. What about The Brickhouse?

        I'm there on Thursday for a drinks and canapes thing so I can report back if you like the look of the place.

        1. Hello,

          You haven't mentioned a budget so I presume there isn't one - lucky you ;^)

          Bistrotheque might be a little further out than you want but it's always worth giving them a call because they might be able to suggest someone else. Ditto for Rochelle Canteen.

          Also I often see St John closed for private functions so they might also be worth a shot.

          PS Bistrotheque did a very nice guerilla resto thing a couple of Christmases ago so if you've got the space and money...

          1. I haven't been there myself but a friend had an anniversary thing at Cellar Gascon and liked the setting and nibbles. Check out and