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May 10, 2008 02:54 PM

Diary Bar opens next to Kick*ss Cupcakes

I heard they opened... anyone been there yet????

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  1. just walked by - couldn't tell and forgot to ask if they were open, though I bought a cupcake. Looking in the window, they have received stocks of red-wrapper plugra, vermont butter & cheese co., kerrygold irish butter, and maybe one other. Didn't see any Lurpak Danish butter.

    Also Shaw farm milk.

    1. Supposedly, they're owned by the same people who own Kickass -- I hope the general buzz about it is better than it is about KA, which seems to be fairly disliked overall around these parts. I've still never bothered to go in myself, because I have Party Favors much closer to me if I get a cupcake craving.

      The overall idea behind the place makes it sound very much like what I knew growing up in Texas as a Milk Store: some items meant for immediate consumption (they're apparently going to have ice cream), but mostly retail sales of milk and dairy products and related things like eggs and juices and stuff. Sounds fine to me, if what they sell is worth the special trip. What's Shaw Farm's stuff like?

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        ...tastes a lot like milk to me. :) But they advertise that they pasteurize at lower temperatures for longer, helping retain more milk flavor than fast, high-temp pasteurizing.

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          Too bad if it's owned by them, you'll need a mortgage for a cone.

        2. Assuming you meant "dairy" bar. Amusing myself, though, concocting a "diary" bar menu.


          Long as I'm here, must put in a plug for Vermont Butter & Cheese butter. Boy, that stuff is good. Amazing on good bread, and incredible to cook with. Will have to check out this place.

          1. The original comment has been removed