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May 10, 2008 02:15 PM

[something] Enoteca - 69th and Broadway

I was rushing up Broadway this morning and noticed a place I hadn't seen before. I couldn't make out the first word but the second was Enoteca -- east side of Broadway just above W 69th Street. Does anyone know about this, presumably new, place? Is it worth a visit?


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  1. Barcibo Enoteca. Run by the same folks who operate Bin 71, over on Colombus. I think the place is great. Good small plates, good wine. All Italian labels, though. It's crowded at night, every night. Quite nice in the afternoons though.

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    1. re: Marine Engineer

      Ah, another one to add to the list. I still haven't visited Bin 71. It always looks so crowded but I have heard good things. Do they both attract similar crowds? Can you give me an idea of the age range? When I've walked by Bin 71 I got the impression it was kind of one big party, maybe because it was so small. I like the afternoons idea

      1. re: uwsgrazer

        The crowds are 20's/30's/40's, at night they're both crowded and noisy, but afternoons are less crowded, more to my comfort level. I like Bin 71's space a bit more, but they both do a nice job. Wine's are in the $10-12 and up range per glass. Both places have great cheese platters, and at Barcibo, the veal crostini is worthwhile, as is the mushroom risotto.