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May 10, 2008 02:14 PM

Weeks Fishing Trip To Desert Isle

Have been placed in charge of procuring the liquid sustenance for a weeks long fishing trip to an Outer Banks Island.....was given the mandate to procure quaffable, quality, brews ( no extremely massed produced swill, IE Bud Lite, Coors,.)........we all (8) have been told to submit our top five will hopefully be sunny and hot....lots of grilling, cold limited to the availability in North top five are as follows......Victory Prima Pils, Bells Two Hearted (5 liter mini's/bottles), Obregon wasn't appealing to me personally, SN Pale Ale and this years rendition of Summerfest, Bohemia, San Miguel......have always been hesitant to shell out the coin for lots of available micro's for fear of skunkiness/mishandling...etc etc.
Rogue, Terrapin, Doggy Style, Cechvar(sp), Pilsner Urquell......have looked but haven't bought for the above mentioned reasons.......
Looking for all recommendations about favorites and quality micro's that are consistantly good in the bottle, if handled properly...Heard great things about Troegs, but can't get here, and unfortunately we can't get any Stoudt's her in Carolina since Carol split with distributor a while ago.

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  1. For a week's worth of beer for eight guys, we're talking eight cases at minimum right? So if you purchase sealed cases the likelihood of skunkiness is minimal. I would stay clear of the really heavy stuff and get two cases each of Pale Lager, Pale Ale, Dunkel Lager and (for something completely different) a Saison/ Farmhouse.

    So thinking of what should be widely available and assuming warm and sunny weather I’d get two cases each of:
    Pale Lager – Spaten lager
    Pale Ale – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
    Dunkel Lager - Dinkel Acker Dark
    Saison/ Farmhouse – There are a bunch out there that I like (e.g. Southampton, Dupont) but I don’t know which are available to you.


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    1. re: Chinon00

      Thanks ....the Spaten and the Dinkel Acker make me a little nervous......have had Spaten in Munich many years ago and enjoyed, but always found bottled imports to be questionable.....when you say sealed cases....?.......have had Victory Saison and feel this was a beer to be aged/developed, and was more of a sip,discuss,discern,.....rather than quaffable.........
      We were thinking of at least 15 to 20 cases of beer.....thanks for the new thoughts

      1. re: Saddleoflamb

        You're right on the numbers. Don't know what I was thinking. At twelve beers per day per person for five days that's four hundred and eighty beers (twenty cases).
        By sealed I mean that it's guaranteed to have seen no light and therefore wouldn't be skunked hopefully. Some places crack cases to stock shelves.
        I've never had V-Saison and some are age worthy. But ones that I like such as Saison Dupont will get your attention but isn't a tome.


        1. re: Chinon00

          Heard lots of good things about the Dupont....will try and source....if I had shown with 8 case ther would havebeen a mutiny...Thanks.

    2. If you can get Dale's Pale Ale in cans, it should stand up to the sunny/hot conditions better than anything in a bottle - and it's a great beer.

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      1. re: Bat Guano

        Went to their website.....looks like a great product.....Long beverage is the local Dist. ....will pick up a six and give it a test run....cans would work well under the conditions..Thanks!

      2. Had some nice beer this weekend at Outer Banks Brewing Station, and it comes in kegs. Great hefeweizen. They also just installed a wind turbine which was going like gangbusters in the gale-force winds this weekend. Also Dogfish has a really refreshing Festina Peche that goes great with fish, just came out and we had some at the brewery on the way home. Excellent! We found mixed cases of Magic Hat for a good price (by CT standards) at the Food Lion on Hatteras, might also be a good choice.

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        1. re: newhavener07

          Have been to their website.....haven't been out to the Banks in years....if I decide to get to Ocrakoke by that way (instead of the Cedar Island Ferry ) will stop in....Used to hit the Weeping Radish in Manteo on my way out, but I guess they've gone and built a new place up in Va.(?).....