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May 10, 2008 01:54 PM

Rocky and Carlos

Is Rocky and Carlos' for lunch or dinner too?
And where is it in St Bernard Parish?

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  1. Lunch & dinner, Tues-Sat (closes pretty early, though). See place link below.

    Rocky & Carlo Restaurant & Bar
    613 W Saint Bernard Hwy, Chalmette, LA 70043

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      what to get here?

      mac n cheese?

      veal parm po boy or what?

      1. re: kevin

        The mac and cheese is super good.

        1. re: kevin

          Pass on the stuffed peppers. ;)

          1. re: mrsfury

            Ha! I thought the same thing, but didn't post it. That poor deceased woman was the mother of the previous owners of my house!

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              i heard about some outbreak with salmonella in the stuffed peppers, but that was back in 2003, correct?

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                Hey Celeste, my good friend's little joke about the place is, "Don't ask for bread because the waitress keeps it warm for you in her armpit on the way to the table." Just local humor folks. I'm sure the food is just fine.

                1. re: mrsfury

                  That's better than the old lady who was rumored to have shaped her hamburger patties in her armpit! 'Course, I don't know fer sure but them burgers wuz good! R.O.'s, Gastonia, NC... get 'em wid de barbq slaw.

                  1. re: PerCapita

                    I eat at Rocky & Carlo's everytime I go to New Orleans. I like to get the veal parmesean with macoroni & cheese or the macoroni & cheese with an order of meatballs. The softshell crab is good also. I would never go there without having macoroni & cheese with something. I usually get the Wop (That's what they call it) salad also.

                    Bigray in Ok

                    1. re: PerCapita

                      A log-time resident of Chalmette, very familiar with the restaurant, told me that they were closed down by the health dept before the storm, for who knows what, but were closed down for a while...and the sign on the door cleverly announced, "Closed for vacation in Sicily."

                    2. re: mrsfury

                      Aw, mrsfury, you forgot to tell the chicken bone story! Before Katrina, a friend and I ate lunch regularly at R & C's, maybe twice a week. On one visit I noticed a chicken bone on the floor under one of the tables near the wall. The same bone was in the same place for about two weeks. I finally went and picked it up and threw it away. On another visit we were sitting at the end of the bar near the front window. We COULD NOT get the attention of anyone to bring us another round of beers. There was a pay phone at our end of the bar back then so we called the R & C number and asked if somebody could bring us a couple of beers at the end of the bar. The guy brought them to us without a word as if he did the same thing all the time. Rocky's is brand new nowadays and still one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants and people watching places.

                      1. re: Jeeves_too

                        I don't doubt the chicken bone story for a second....

                        The joint is basically a chow line (that used to be packed with weekend warriors/aviators out of Belle Chase on Saturdays) with entertainment provided by screaming kids running all over the place.

                        Way back when, the folks at Chalmette Jewelery and Sporting Goods were so nice to us when we bought the Smith & Wesson, that me and the wife bought our wedding rings there.... and of course we then walked across the street to Rocky and Carlos (mac & cheese with red gravy of course) to celebrate.

                        We have not been back since they re-opened, and Commanders or Galatoire's it ain't, but was well worth a visit.

              2. re: Hungry Celeste

                I believe they close at 8:00 pm. I'm a local and I never understood why everyone was so crazy about the mac & cheese. It's nothing special to me. The po-boys (especially the shrimp or hamburger) are very good. It's not a fancy place at all, but the food is great and the prices are fair.

              3. Its MUCH nicer than it used to be, trust me. The bathroom curtain is gone and it was clean! certainly a change from before. I stopped eating there for a good while before katrina so I can't tell you when the prices went up but sadly its no cheaper than anywhere else these days. The food is still spectatular and there is no need to fear the bread anymore as I haven't seen that lady (and we all know who I am talking about) or even heard of her so she may not have returned. Try the potato salad when you go, its delish.