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May 10, 2008 01:36 PM

What to make with preserved lemon

My boyfriend just made up a batch of preserved lemons and they look gorgeous. But now that they're done, we aren't actually too sure what to cook with them. Does anyone have any favorite uses? We know that moroccan style chicken dishes are given, but what else can we use them in? Whole fishes (sardines maybe?), salads? rice dishes?
We would appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Preserved lemon is really good chopped fine and mixed with plenty of olive oil and chopped mint in moroccan couscous. Great as a complement to lamb. I have lamb on the brain.

    1. I have heard of making a lemon curd with it, although I can't picture it myself. I have only used it in a Morrocan tagine.

        1. This Preserved Lemon and Ginger Polenta recipe is awesome:

          1. Another poster suggested rubbing it into the cavity of a whole chicken before roasting. I'be tried it and it adds a salty, lemony, flavor that enhances the chicken well.